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Giving up meat for lent....veggie dinner ideas please!!

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Discomama Thu 06-Mar-14 22:38:37

Bit odd I know, but always looking to cut down on meat, so thought I'd give it a go for lent! (And couldn't manage giving up wine!)

Still going to eat fish, and I have Hugh's Veg book and Yotam's Plenty, but what are your easiet, and kid friendly veggie meals (easy on the put lentils, I bought some recently.....bleeeurgh, but love red lentils!)

Tomorrow is macaroni and cheese - starting simple smile
Thanks in advance.

chezchaos Thu 06-Mar-14 22:58:27

We love:

Cheese and onion pie made with puff pastry

Paneer and spinach balti made with Pataks balti paste

Lasagna made with quorn mince

Red lentil, carrot and tomato soup

Home made pizza

Spaghetti with ribbons of leeks, carrots and courgettes gently fried in olive oil then simmered in stock with a touch of pesto

Mixed bean chilli and rice

Fajitas made with quorn pieces, onions, mushrooms and peppers

Stir fries with mixed veg, marinated tofu and cashew nuts

Leek and potato soup

pregnantpause Fri 07-Mar-14 06:36:33

Risotto- lots of veg variations, but cherry tomatoes, onions and peas is popular here.

Vegetarian lasagne- a squash and pepper lasagne with ricotta cheese is delicious

Soup- broccoli and Stilton, red lentil and chickpea, Thai squash soup, etc.



A Courgette and rice filo pastry pie.

Halved squash stuffed with goats cheese, chillis and thyme. With a salad.

There was a thread last week about hfw veg everyday, where people listed what's good and not so good. I'm on phone so can't link, but I'm sure it won't be too far down in this topic as it was very recent.

spilttheteaagain Fri 07-Mar-14 14:38:20

We do;

Bean chilli with rice/sweet potato wedges/quinoa/jacket pots & salad/salsa, cheese

Dahl with a vegetable curry and flatbreads/rice

Spaghetti with hm pesto & peas

Bubble & squeak with fried eggs

Stuffed jacket potatoes with beans (stuff pots with spring onions, sweetcorn & cheese all mixed up with the potato insides)


Lentil, barley & root veg stews

Hm pizza

Veg & cheese omelettes

Eggs, chips & beans for a lazy Friday tea from time to time

Hm Bean burgers with salad and wedges/bread rolls

Falafels in wraps/pittas with salad

Chickpea & veg curry

Onykahonie Fri 07-Mar-14 16:58:58

I use red lentils in spag bol, chilli, lasagne etc along with a handful of Quorn mince.
Like the other suggestions, we also eat a lot of curries, Mexican food and Italian food. We also love Greek meze with things like hummus, tzatziki, home made pittas and Greek salad.

Discomama Fri 07-Mar-14 17:48:47

Thanks so much......unfortunately I've just realised that I stuffed a bit of chicken Kiev left over from the kids dinner in my face shockhmmconfused oh dear, an early failure, shows how automatic it is! Will get back on the wagon smile

Discomama Fri 07-Mar-14 18:19:29

Will try all the above I think - they all sound delicious, thanks again wine

PasswordProtected Fri 07-Mar-14 20:00:08

I love scrambled eggs with mashed or creamed potato & spinach.
Herbed quark with new potaoes in their skins & green salad or bread sauce flavoured potato gratin with green vegetables.

Lovage Mon 10-Mar-14 21:48:56

Also pasta, pesto and peas (+ grated cheese) and rice, cream cheese and peas.

If you find you are craving bacon-ish flavours, many veggies call Halloumi cheese 'veggie-bacon' cos it's got some of the same salty pleasure to it. I like it best dry-fried in a frying pan, but some people fry it in oil.

MozzchopsThirty Mon 10-Mar-14 21:58:49

Onykahonie can I ask what you do for your Greek mezze
I love picky foods

sharond101 Tue 11-Mar-14 22:04:39

I make a huge batch base roasted vegetables and add in some cannellini beans and a simmered tomato sauce with some red or green pesto added too. I then freeze this in portions and serve it in all sorts of ways. As a soup with some veg stock added (like minestrone almost), with cous cous, in wraps with a spoonful of chipotle paste added for heat topped with a pastry lid like a pie, as lasagne or a filling for cannelloni, with mashed potatoes, on toast.... the options are never ending and it's delicious.

Onykahonie Wed 12-Mar-14 17:56:42

Hi Mozzchops, I make tzatziki, hummus, Greek salad, home made pittas, and then something cooked like falafels, courgette fritters or halloumi cheese. Most of the recipes are on my blog if you want to take a look smile.

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