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Dinner tonight Whats on the menu???

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weekendgirl66 Tue 04-Mar-14 10:05:47

I just get so bored trying to think of thing they will all eat. What are you having tonight other / as well as pancakes?? Inspiration please.

mrsminiverscharlady Tue 04-Mar-14 10:08:36

Butternut squash and bacon risotto with homemade focaccia and salad. Forgot it was pancake day so might be a bit carb-heavy really.

pussycatdoll Tue 04-Mar-14 10:09:19

Roast chicken baguettes

Pancakes !

meerschweinchen Tue 04-Mar-14 10:10:48


OldBeanbagz Tue 04-Mar-14 10:11:48

Prawn & leek risotto.

The leeks need using up but i think the DC might be a bit hmm about the combination.

Bippidee Tue 04-Mar-14 10:17:55

Savoury pancakes followed by sweet pancakes!

Savoury will have ham/lardons, mushrooms, spinach and cheese.

Sweet will have bananas and nutella.

BuzzardBird Tue 04-Mar-14 10:18:18

I think fresh ravioli, garlic ciabatta and salad...

sausagefortea Tue 04-Mar-14 10:20:40

Chicken and mushroom pancakes

IamInvisible Tue 04-Mar-14 10:20:44

Chilli prawn linguine here.

Was going to be a roast, but DS2 wants to make lemon shortbread when he gets in from college!

NettoSuperstar Tue 04-Mar-14 14:00:39

Savoury pancakes with smoked haddock and spinach.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Mar-14 14:22:49

Chicken pie with veg, made from yesterday's roast chicken and for pudding, pancakes of course! smile

HeyMicky Tue 04-Mar-14 14:25:57

I marinated some chicken thighs this morning - soy, honey, ginger, garlic, chilli. Roasting those, with rice and peas

iklboo Tue 04-Mar-14 14:39:05

DS wants pancakes. I have a stomach bug so I might manage to squint at some lucozade....sad

Clutterbugsmum Tue 04-Mar-14 14:54:33

DC having pancakes by the tonne.

Me and DH are having homemade oxtail stoop.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Mar-14 14:59:41

The chicken pie is this one. Done it before and the family loved it.

Clutter do you have to stoop whilst you eat it?

Cuxibamba Tue 04-Mar-14 15:36:17

Mango ceviche and patacones. We don't have pancakes where we live (we have a carnival though).

Cuxibamba Tue 04-Mar-14 15:36:40

As in, we don't eat them.

pregnantpause Tue 04-Mar-14 16:10:18

I feel so boring, but yer standard cottage pie for us. And pancakes.

Mintyy Tue 04-Mar-14 16:15:31

I really find pancake night difficult! We almost never eat puddings, and certainly not such carb-heavy ones unless on a special occasion, but of course I will be making pancakes.

So I'm going very low carb with dinner - we'll have tuna mayonnaise and a huge mixed salad, maybe I'll add in a bit of pasta and pesto for the dc. Then pancakes with lemon & sugar.

mrspremise Tue 04-Mar-14 17:54:16

korean beef from the slow cooker with sticky rice smile

MrsCakesPremonition Tue 04-Mar-14 17:56:06

pancakes followed by panckes.

mrspremise Tue 04-Mar-14 17:56:35

and pancakes, of course, which I made last night to be reheated, then lemon-and-sugared after supper smile

Catsmamma Tue 04-Mar-14 18:08:02

Pulled Gammon, with rolls, salads, dips and chips.

Mandarin Pancakes fake crepes suzettes :D

Snowdown Tue 04-Mar-14 18:11:43

Cajun chicken with homemade chipotle coleslaw, broccoli and chips for the dcs.

andadietcoke Tue 04-Mar-14 18:13:26

King prawn Thai green stir fry. And pancakes, as I've been saving calories all day in anticipation!

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