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If I wanted to make 6 boiled eggs

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Queeniethecorgi Mon 03-Mar-14 20:11:55

All in the same long would I have to cook them for?

littleredsquirrel Mon 03-Mar-14 20:13:19

The number of eggs in the pan shouldn't make any difference other than there will be less water so it will take less time to boil.

Liara Mon 03-Mar-14 20:13:37

I cook mine for 3m30sec. But they are from our own hens, so have quite thin shells (we don't give them extra grit). Bought eggs could take longer.

anonforabit Mon 03-Mar-14 20:15:52

If eggs are stored at room temperature then 3 minutes but only start the timer when the water has come back up to a decent boil after adding the eggs. If stored in fridge (outrageous!) add 30 secs maybe but again after the water has come back to the boil.

addictedtosugar Mon 03-Mar-14 20:20:36

Into boiling water from room temp and 4min 30 here.

We still have runny yolks. Some of these times are very short.

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