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Wheat-free easy family meals, fussy eaters, can you help?

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ListenToTheLady Tue 25-Feb-14 17:53:46

My mum is coming to stay soon and besides her many other stress-inducing qualities she doesn't eat wheat. (Sorry if I sound mean, I would be fully understanding of it if it was a health issue, but it's not. It's just an evangelical regime she's on and besides having to find something to cook I will also have to be told that I should be wheat free too and then I might lose a bit of weight angry hmm [and FUCK OFF])

I am so busy, overworked and stressed out and I have just tried to have a think about what I can cook and everything I can think of involves wheat. My brain just isn't working. We also have DP who doesn't like most vegetables, ruling out most one-pot concepts, and DD who basically only likes pasta.

I need two meals, does anyone have any great ideas? Thank you and sorry for being such a grump.

ListenToTheLady Tue 25-Feb-14 18:28:08

Bump for those who might have just cooked something amazing!

Icantstopeatinglol Tue 25-Feb-14 18:31:00

You can get lots of wheat free pastas etc in most supermarkets and things like spaghetti bolognaise are easy to make wheat free. It's much easier than it used to be. Most stuff made from scratch like Sunday lunches etc. you can get wheat free Yorkshire pudding mixes/gravy.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 25-Feb-14 18:32:21

There's a couple of recipes here. Know that's not much help, the only other thing I can think of is getting some spelt pasta or rice noodles. Don't envy you...

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 25-Feb-14 18:33:06

Xposted with cantstopsmile

CMOTDibbler Tue 25-Feb-14 18:34:29

chilli and jacket potato
bolognaise with rice (pasta for your dd possibly)
pork chops with veg and some form of potato
chicken risotto
gluten free sausage (Black Farmer is GF, M&S have several) and mash/veg
stir fry noodles made with rice noodles

ListenToTheLady Tue 25-Feb-14 18:46:11

Thanks everyone this is what I need, just everyday easy ideas. I love a roast but it's not something I can manage for a weekday evening.

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