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Sugar in Hartley's jelly pot

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sharond101 Wed 19-Feb-14 21:46:54

I read the packet of a Hartley's jell pot today my DS 21 mo was eating. It has strawberries and bananas blended into it and claims to have 1 portion of a kid's fruit intake in. The ingredients list is "Water, Strawberries (29%), Bananas (18%), sugar, gelling agents, colour, citric acid, natural flavouring, acidity regulator. The carbohydrate of which sugars is 24.9% per pot. Is this ok since it's fruit or is it still really high and bad.

crazykat Wed 19-Feb-14 21:57:42

It is quite a lot of sugar but most will be from the strawberries and banana which are quite high in sugar, as are most fruits. The average eating apple has up to 14g of natural sugar in it.

My DCs love jelly and have these in their lunch boxes. Sugar is okay as long as there isn't too much in their diet.

If you're worried there are no added sugar jelly pots but they have sweetener in them. I tend to be of the thought that anything in moderation is okay so as long as its part of a balanced diet.

JamNan Thu 20-Feb-14 08:44:31

Jelly is easy to make yourself with fresh fruit or juice. You can reduce the amount of sugar and you know that it doesn't have added crap like colouring, acidity regulators and citric acid.

The Dr Oetker website has some good recipes link here.

I quite fancy the gin & tonic jelly myself wink.

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