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boy/girl ratio in infant schools, any opinions?

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stace Wed 10-Mar-04 08:52:29

My DS is 4 (started early) at a small private infant school. I have to say that i am delighted with the school in every way but i have one concern and would love some opinions on this.

There are 14 girls /7 boys in his class.

He as in nursery from 18mnths and was perfectly used to a girls but the minute he went to school he announced he does not like girls, when questioned he stated ok i just dont like the school girls.

Does anyone think its because with so few boys they have stuck together, or is this maybe just a typical age/developmental thing?

It is worrying me quite a bit as he is actually quite a gentle sensetive non boisterous boy anyway!!!

Marina Wed 10-Mar-04 09:34:21

Stace, we have the reverse situation in ds' class, with 11 boys and four (very ladylike) girls. Ds doesn't play with them or talk about them in the way that he would at nursery (where his best friend was a girl).
I think it is a combination of their age and also peer pressure from older children/children with older siblings. I think it is very typical of the age group, but like you I'm a bit sad that my gentle lad is mainly interested in Power Rangers and zapping/blasting etc these days.

stace Wed 10-Mar-04 09:43:02

Oh its so sad, i just cant believe that they naturally separate so early. Do you find he is fine with girls outside of school Marina?

Marina Wed 10-Mar-04 14:33:38

Yes he is stace - see we have a dual thread going here! Also plays happily if not frequently with my old baby doll...

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