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Spanish sausage and peppers

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BuzzLightbulb Tue 18-Feb-14 09:11:07

Always used to love sausage casserole as a kid and as sausages are relatively cheap and I'm in my chorizo phase at the moment thought I'd try knocking something up. Served 5 adults/teenagers. Went like this.

2 packs pork and sweet chilli sausages from Asda (2 for �5)
3 onions sliced
half a chorizo sausage from Aldi cut into 1 cm chunks
1 left over red chilli from the fridge (wasn't sure how spicey the sausages and chorizo would make it), cut into strips
500ml chicken stock
500ml veg stock (cos I ran out of chicken)
I use Kallo organic stock cubes when i can get them on special.
1 red & 1 orange/yellow pepper, whatever comes in the pack of 3

I've a large oval cast iron Le Creuset like thing from aldi which I used.

Brown the sausages over a medium heat and set aside (this is for colour not cooking so you can be as fussy as you like, or not)
Fry the onion until soft, add the sausages and any juice, add both types of stock and the chopped chorizo, the red chilli and some black pepper.

Bring to the boil, cover and simmer. I cooked them long enough for the onions to almost disappear cos I don't like crunchy onion. Next time I may cook the onion and stock up first before adding any sausage but hey ho.

Now at this point it doesn't taste that great, that's ok. I left it overnight then added the peppers sliced in 1 inch strips and simmered with the lid off to reduce the sauce, and seasoned with salt to taste.

Finally added some cornflour to thicken, served with mash and peas.

Genuinely surprisingly delicious, sweet with a little smokey spicey kick.

Reflections - as I said would maybe simmer down the onion by itself for a while first and would only use 2, depends on the size.
Could have been more enthusiastic about browning the sausages, the colour is better.
I like my peppers cooked just off crunchy 'al dente' if you like so could have left them until after I'd reduced the stock. And used more of them, and/or the pointed red sweet peppers.

Maybe add some black olives in future for colour and reduce the salt. But thats getting close to my pork loin in red wine with olives dish.

JamNan Tue 18-Feb-14 09:19:24

That sounds lovely. I am cooking something similar for tonight using pork tenderloin instead of sausages and I might shove in some kale too.

Do you think it could be done in a slow cooker?

BuzzLightbulb Tue 18-Feb-14 09:28:08

Yes, although tenderloin cooks quite quickly if its that long snake like piece of meat you're talking about? I always cut into fairly big chunks. And I'd save the peppers until you're 15 mins from eating maybe?

You don't mean put the Kale in with the pork do you? Not sure about that but nothing ventured....

My olive recipe would work well in the slow cooker, onion, pork, red wine, healthy dose of paprika and black peper, black olives and pimento stuffed geen olives. and away you go. Green and red peppers in towards the end. Serve with rice. Kale would be a good match.

I added chorizo last time too and less paprika.

Throw in

Jinglebellsforthebetter Tue 18-Feb-14 09:43:21

Ooh that sounds lush!

I love chorizo (which I pronounce in a wanky correct way grin)

Sadly my kids loathe it sad

JamNan Tue 18-Feb-14 12:19:10

I put the kale in near the end.

LOL @ wanky pronunciation of chorizo smile

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