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Picked masses of blackberries this afternoon, but what should I do with them?

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Spagblog Sat 05-Aug-06 18:25:29

I took the kids (and DH) blackberry picking this afternoon and we now have purple fingers and two huge tubs of blackberries!

What should I do with them...Apart from scoffing them neat.

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Sat 05-Aug-06 18:27:09

cook them with a little bit of water, some sugar and some apples. and eat with creme fraiche or yogurt of ice cream. or turn into a pie or crumble

foxinsocks Sat 05-Aug-06 18:27:54

I think apple and blackberry pie/crumble is the yummiest

we went to the farm to pick some a few days ago but found ours are a bit sour unfortunately

yours sound lovely and ripe!

DumbledoresGirl Sat 05-Aug-06 18:36:00

I have made bramble jelly with those I have picked so far - if you are a jam making person at all?

otherwise, nothing beats balckberry and apple crumble. Yum yum!

fullmoonfiend Sat 05-Aug-06 19:13:54

simmer them with water, apples, sugar, strain. Use the liquid to make fabby ice lollies and freeze the fruit. Then have lovely crumble all year round (mmmm, with extra thick, double cream, dribble) You can use the fruit to top ice cream with too

Oh, do a MN search!!!! - someone last year had a beautiful recipe for blackberry vodka. (Or gin or summat but it looked v easy to make and delicious!)

Waswondering Sat 05-Aug-06 19:15:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fullmoonfiend Sat 05-Aug-06 19:15:24

Blackberry fool is lovely too. Cook fruit as below. Strain through sieve to remove pips. Then Whip double cream til soft peaks form. Gently fold in the bramble mix, spoon into little glass, chill for an hour. Heavenly!

rickman Sat 05-Aug-06 19:50:23

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Sat 05-Aug-06 20:00:18

make blueberry bircher muesli in the morning

Spagblog Sat 05-Aug-06 20:02:18

Blackberry vodka!
So, all I do is pour vodka over some berries and leave it?

Apple and Blackberry crumble sounds so good.

rickman Sat 05-Aug-06 20:04:03

Message withdrawn

JennyWren Sat 05-Aug-06 20:06:36

Blackberry ice cream sounds weird but is delicious

Squarer Sat 05-Aug-06 20:10:15

you can make a blackberry vodka liquer type drink this way
If you like sloe gin (like me!) you'll like this! I have been eying up the sloes whilst walking the dog today.. can't wait!

rickman Sat 05-Aug-06 20:11:59

Message withdrawn

rickman Sat 05-Aug-06 20:12:56

Message withdrawn

angelariches Mon 25-Aug-08 20:54:56

try blackberry vinegar excellent for sore throats in the winter when added to warm water or on a steamed sponge

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