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Christening Cake Decorations

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Bron Tue 09-Mar-04 10:34:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twiglett Tue 09-Mar-04 10:35:23

message withdrawn

twiglett Tue 09-Mar-04 10:39:20

message withdrawn

twiglett Tue 09-Mar-04 10:40:37

message withdrawn

mothernature Tue 09-Mar-04 10:41:16

How about this cradle ?

Galaxy Tue 09-Mar-04 10:41:24

message withdrawn

melsy Tue 09-Mar-04 10:47:09

You could buy some baby doll toys like mini bottles,bibs,bowls,spoons and lay them on the top.

twiglett Tue 09-Mar-04 10:48:37

message withdrawn

melsy Tue 09-Mar-04 10:54:50

Company Russ berrie do some amazing gift type products that would look amazing on a cake. I am just doing a search to find something related. I used to buy from them for a catalogue and they have lovely stuff.

Jaybee Tue 09-Mar-04 11:06:47

A colleague of mine makes cakes and she recently made one with a nursery scene on it - this was made using dolls house nursery furniture and accessories. It was a cradle, baby, highchair complete with mini toys and rug - it looked fantastic. Do you have a posh dolls house shop near you? The selection they have is amazing.

MrsCodswallop Tue 09-Mar-04 11:27:06

ahem ds3 s ha din it some cricketers, a spiderman, some ballet girls some pirates and s noahs ark.

all his cousins were delighted and took away the decorations as keep sakes!

Bron Tue 09-Mar-04 15:02:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tommy Tue 09-Mar-04 15:24:48

All sounds very exciting. We just had a christening and the cake just had "Timothy" written on it - fortunately this is his name but it sounds a bit dull compared to all these other ideas!

musica Tue 09-Mar-04 15:28:58

Ds had a brio Thomas the Tank Engine, and Dd had a china Peter Rabbit. The cakes had appropriate decorations round the side in icing. (engines and rabbits)

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