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Recipe for Chocolate bread for bread machine

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chiswickmum Sat 06-Mar-04 20:37:17

Does nayone have a recipe for chocolate bread which I could make in my breadmaker?


MadameButterfly Fri 14-May-04 18:21:42

I have a recipe for gluten free choc hazelnut loaf from "the complete bread machine cookbook"

300ml/11 fl oz/1 3/8 cups water
1tbsp oil
350g/12oz/2 3/4 cups Juvela gluten free mix
1/2 tsp salt
3tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread
1tsp yeast(taken from thepack supplied with the Juvela gluten free mix)

Pour water into the breadmaker bucket, then add the oil and falf the mix.
Sprinkle with the salt, then dollop in the spread.
Cover with the remaining mix and mound the yeast into the centre.
Fit the bucket into the breadmaker and set to the wholewheat programme.
When ready, carefully shake the loaf out of the bucket on to a wire cooling rack and stand the right way up.
Leave the loaf for at least and hour before cutting and/or removing the oaddle if necessary.

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