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Vegan cream of mushroom soup

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Redpriestandmozart Tue 28-Jan-14 08:29:25

I made this last night and it was amazing, I didn't really follow a recipe but did check online on how to thicken it.

400g mushrooms (I used white & chestnut)
1 large onion
1 litre boiling water
1 veg stock cube
squirt of marmite
2 tbsp flour
100ml Alpro single cream

I chopped the onions and mushrooms very finely using a food processor but you could do it by hand, very tiny peices.

All put into the pressure cooker (except flour & cream), let the pressure up, turn down to medium heat for 20 minutes. When ready and steam released keep it on the heat and make the flour up in a little cold water and add to soup, let it bubble for a few minutes to thicken, when it thickens slightly add the cream.

So simple to make and tasted delicious. It's not too thick and a lovely flavour smile

Breadandwine Sun 02-Feb-14 20:49:07

Sounds nice, mozart!

I bet it would be good with coconut milk - as an alternative.

Redpriestandmozart Mon 03-Feb-14 12:27:37

I think it would be lovely with coconut milk but I was trying not to use it simply because I use it in so many soups I wanted this one to have a unique flavour and it did smile

LittleBabyPigsus Thu 06-Feb-14 03:10:44

Kenji at Serious Eats as a vegan mushroom soup recipe as part of his vegan experience.

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