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a big thank you and a quick question

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mummytojames Sat 06-Mar-04 08:37:15

first of all i would like to give a big thank you to every one for helping me ecause at times i have felt compleatly lost with rules and regulations on what safe for a baby to eat and whats not he's been a bit run down but now he's got his appitite back and hes eating the around three seven month jars (convert to homemade meals)a day (that includes his snack and who ever said about giving him ppartly cooked carrot thank you he loves nibbleing on them as a snack
and he quick quesetion is at six months eating most things like fruit veg meat and dairy is it safe that hes only taking between 9 and 15 oz of formula we tried giving him more and he was bad so we tried cutting out sncks and that didnt make a difference and if were only thirty minuites late on meal times he will go crazy and still refuse the formula
well thanks again and hope you can help again thanks

Evita Mon 08-Mar-04 20:58:50

Gosh yes, sounds like he's doing really well with his eating! He probably eats more than my dd who's 17 months. I'm lucky if she downs 7-8oz of milk a day, doesn't like yoghurt, will tolerate a little cheese etc. etc. So if I were you I'd be glad if he can get his protein / calcium from sources other than milk drinking, it's much more sophisticated!

mummytojames Tue 09-Mar-04 11:07:48

thanks alot evita because i was told by health prof that he should be on atleast 18oz of formula a day and thats including three meals when weaning god where do these people get there info from

Twinkie Tue 09-Mar-04 11:13:23

DD stopped milk completely at 7 months and we were told not to worry - give lots of yoghurt and cheese and she will be fine - exactely what we did and she is fine - as long as they are eating other calcium rich stuff I would not get too worried.

Good Luck XX

mummytojames Tue 09-Mar-04 11:33:46

twinkie thats where my ds is just like me given half the chance hand him a block of chease and he'd sit there nibbling on that quiet funny realy my mum said i was the same at his age the difference was i knocked the bottle away she offered it again a bit later i did the same again so she said fine dont have it and never looked back i wasnt so much worried about his calcium i was more worried about his iron because i have been border line anemic since i was a baby and i didnt want to risk the same with him though my mother said she used to have to bribe me to eat meat (if you dont eat all your meat you wont get no veg)i wasnt fussed on sweet foods eaither but he dont seem to be following me that way because he dont mind beef or chicken

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