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Can I cook a rice pudding in a slow cooker?

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nkf Sun 19-Jan-14 16:07:26

I presume I can. Lowest setting, stirring from time to time. Can I? Will it be okay?

Catsmamma Sun 19-Jan-14 16:08:50


I do it on the high setting in a teeeeeeny tiny slow cooker and it's done in a couple of hours. But you can do it longer and slower.

ISeeYouShiverWithAntici Sun 19-Jan-14 16:09:14


it will be bitty, gritty and crap.

unless I am just doing something terribly wrong.

6 hours in the slow cooker and it was STILL shit.

I went back to doing it in the oven.

nkf Sun 19-Jan-14 16:09:52

I thought so. And is there anything to stop me heating it up the next day and sending it in a thermos for packed lunch? I know some people are twitchy about rice.

nkf Sun 19-Jan-14 16:10:58

Oh no, a vote for no. I want to avoid doing it in the oven because I need the oven to cook chicken and that needs a higher heat. Was it all crunchy?

Wolfcub Sun 19-Jan-14 16:12:10

Yes, yes, yes, 4-6 hours on low. The recipe I use has evaporated milk in, it's delicious

Wolfcub Sun 19-Jan-14 16:12:21

Yes, yes, yes, 4-6 hours on low. The recipe I use has evaporated milk in, it's delicious

ISeeYouShiverWithAntici Sun 19-Jan-14 16:13:27

It was awful. The rice didnt go into that proper puddingy texture, iyswim. It was still hard.

I left it in there all day, hoping it would go right but it didnt.
next time, in the oven - pudding heaven!

Frontdoorstep Sun 19-Jan-14 18:35:16

It works fine for me in the slow cooker, I also used evaporated milk.

HomeEcoGnomist Sun 19-Jan-14 18:41:47

Yes, definitely.
Use condensed milk, about 6 hours

It also freezes really well once done

Just eaten my last lot so will have to do more now!

sarahandduck Sun 19-Jan-14 18:45:13

Yes, it works well and DH who is picky about his rice pudding regularly requests it. Butter the sc pot well, cook on high (in a 3.5L) and remember it will continue to cook for a while after it's turned off. I always beat double cream into mine once I've turned it off. Perfect every time.

stealthsquiggle Sun 19-Jan-14 18:46:14

What is the condensed milk recipe? I think I need that one.. I have tried rice pudding in slow cooker, and I thought it was great but the DC wouldn't eat it sad. Condensed milk might just do it...

BillyBanter Sun 19-Jan-14 18:53:55

You surely mean evaporated milk, not condensed milk?

spilttheteaagain Sun 19-Jan-14 18:56:46

Presumably though you don't get the lovely brown skin?? If you can achieve creamy rice and the goregous skin I will be converted.

Catsmamma Sun 19-Jan-14 19:01:09

Coconut milk is great too

3 oz pudding rice
pint and a bit of milk (we like it thick) sub in semi skimmed/gold top/evap/coconut milk as you please
couple of tbs of sugar (demerara can be lovely for a change)
big splidge of butter around the dish
generous suspicion of nutmeg.

bit more milk or bit less rice if you like it less stiff.

I use the sme recipe for hob/oven or slowcooker

nkf Sun 19-Jan-14 19:39:37

It's in the slow cooker right now and I think it will be okay. Texture seems fine. It's creaming up nicely - (that sounded a bit porno) - and smells good. I stuck a vanilla pod in it. And nutmeg.

nkf Sun 19-Jan-14 19:40:47

Can I heat it up tomorrow and stick it in a thermos for packed lunches? I think the kids would like to have a hot pudding after sandwiches.

nkf Sun 19-Jan-14 21:54:00

It was marvellous. No skin though but I hate the skin, so I'm very happy. I'll definitely cook it in the slow cooker again.

ISeeYouShiverWithAntici Mon 20-Jan-14 06:45:04


So what the crap am I doing wrong then, since I appear to be the only person ever to bog up slow cooker rice pud? grin

MackerelOfFact Mon 20-Jan-14 08:57:04

It's delicious.

I made it with skimmed milk, half the sugar, vanilla and lemon zest and it was still delicious.

nkf Mon 20-Jan-14 18:19:10

I am interested in these milk variations. Might try one of those

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