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Weelady77 Sun 19-Jan-14 16:07:02

I've been menu planning for a while now and writing a list before I go shopping
But now I'm sick of the same teas week in week out with the odd tweak here and there

What guys having this week it might inspire me to add something different next week!

Today - roast chicken dinner
Monday - hot dogs onions and curly fries (quick tea as dd has brownies and both ds have football)
Tuesday - spag Bol and garlic bread
Wednesday - fry up
Thursday - Chinese pork steaks Chinese rice and salad
Friday - fish chips and peas

ShoeWhore Sun 19-Jan-14 16:12:05

Today - chicken with spicy roast potatoes, carrots with coriander, spinach bahji
Mon - meatballs pasta tomato sauce
Tues - North African veg stew
Wed - spanish omelette salad
Thurs - spaghetti carbonara with peas
Fri - curry

Weelady77 Sun 19-Jan-14 16:17:08

Shoewhore what kind of curry, I've tried and failed making curryshmm

pregnantpause Sun 19-Jan-14 19:59:47

Monday- pork and chorizo stew
Tuesday- chicken stir fry
Wednesday- butter beans and bacon
Thursday- potato bake
Friday- goats cheese and onion pie
Saturday- carrot and lentil soup
Sunday- rabbit Bolognese

stella69x Sun 19-Jan-14 20:55:30

roast lamb, roast potatoes, Savoy cabbage and cauliflower cheese - made extra cauliflower cheese added part cooked pasta and froze in single portions.
Lamb, chickpea & sweet potato curry with rice using leftover lamb. I will make a double batch and freeze single serve biryanis
Something from freezer, prob fish pie/cottage pie.
Turkey, choritizo & butterbean casserole - again make double and freeze.
Something from freezer - prob pasta cauliflower cheese.
Pork steaks with celeriac mash & frozen veg.
Junk dinner - shop bought pizza, southern fried chicken or similar.

Curry and casserole made in slow cooker, freezer meals on tue & thur due to evening activities. I make extras to keep the freezer topped up with 'ready meals' supplemented by the occasional batch cook at a weekend.

stardusty5 Sun 19-Jan-14 21:01:37

Beef casserole with mashed potatoes
Slow cooker vegetable lasagne
Tagliatelle with prawns & jar of pasta sauce
Fishcakes and jacket potato
Chicken curry and rice

CaterpillarCara Sun 19-Jan-14 21:29:14

Monday - sausage and leek risotto
Tuesday - sesame beef and bok choi
Wednesday - pumpkin and chick pea stew
Thursday - salmon nuggets
Friday - homemade burgers

SamAndDeanSandwich Sun 19-Jan-14 21:39:31

Monday - macaroni & cauliflower cheese
Tuesday - leek and potato cakes with sausages
Wednesday - green risotto ( risotto made with whatever green veg I have in - courgettes, peas, French beans, broad beans etc)
Thursday - chicken / veg fajitas
Friday - Lebanese night - houmous, pittas, falafels, yoghurt dip, tomato salad
Saturday - roasted veg lasagne
Sunday - vegetable stew and dumplings

Weelady77 Sun 19-Jan-14 21:40:35

I'm starving now grin

Saracarbonera Sun 19-Jan-14 22:00:13

Monday: pork in a homemade tomato sauce
Tuesday: Spanish omelette and salad.
Wednesday: lentil stew
Thursday: Roast chicken and veg.
Friday: some kind of chicken dish with yesterday's left over roast chicken. Probably put it in the pan with peppers, mushrooms and whatever else I have.
Saturday: probably cold meats (jamon Serrano, salchichon, lomo, chorizo) with bread.
Sunday: homemade pizza

HeyMicky Sun 19-Jan-14 22:17:15

Today - curry
Monday - spicy seafood noodle soup
Tuesday - steak and salad
Wednesday - fish and greens
Thursday - tomato and pepper stew with baked eggs
Friday - roasted sausages and butternut squash with green beans
Saturday - shepherds pie

21mealspluscake Mon 20-Jan-14 10:01:54

Lasagne as I have a tub of bechamel in the freezer as well as beef mince
Parsley soup with little cheese choux buns
Grilled pork chops with salad of roasted peppers and black eye peas
Tortilla with the rest of the salad
Marinated tofu with rice and spinach sesame salad
Salami and cheese and olives and salad and bread - help yourself!

Tobagostreet Mon 20-Jan-14 10:16:19

I dont really do meal planning, but when i need to do a quick tea for kids 'activities' nights I make:

microwave baked potatoes with either beans and cheese or if I'm feeling a bit more prepared: light Philadelphia on the potato, a salad side (packet of pre prepared salad) and a fish side (my DS's alternated between hot smoked salmon, tins of mackerel and tuna mayo).

Sausage, mash (chilled ready prepared) and green beans.

Tortilla wraps with salad and pan fried chicken (with whatever herbs/spice mix the kids like) and mayo.

Homemade soup (made in advance and frozen then defrosted) with crusty bread.


Quick pizza. Warburtons flat square wraps, jar of passata, sliced veg (onion, tomato, mushroom, peppers) grated mozzarella. Kids choose their own topping and they take 7/8 mins in the oven.

cornflakegirl Mon 20-Jan-14 10:43:05

Weelady - Patak's pastes are brilliant for curries. We make a rogan josh for example - fry some onions, brown some meat, soften some peppers, stir in a dessertspoon or so of paste, add a tin of chopped tomatoes. Tastes gorgeous, and pretty much foolproof.

insanityscatching Mon 20-Jan-14 10:59:35

Today, bubble and squeak (yesterday's leftovers),sausage, egg and beans
Tuesday homemade steak pie, new potatoes and veg
Wednesday Cod (fish man delivers) chips and mushy peas.
Thursday Lasagne, garlic bread and salad
Friday Chicken casserole, jacket potato, broccoli.
Saturday Bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes.
Sunday Roast beef and Yorkshire pud.

DifferentNow Mon 20-Jan-14 11:51:05

M - southern sausage stew, rice
T - cottage pie, steamed greens
W - new recipe each week
T - spaghetti bolognese
F - chicken curry, rice, naan
S - pasta, salad, garlic bread
S - roast chicken or beef, roast potatoes, roast root veg, Yorkshire pudding

Everything is homemade and has lots of added veg. The pasta is vegetarian and differs (aubergine, sweet tomato and mozzarella or penne picante for example) as does the curry (tikka masala, rogan josh, jalfrezi).

Weelady77 Jamie's Ministry of Food book has excellent curry recipes.

Snowdown Mon 20-Jan-14 12:24:27

M Mustard chicken with black cabbage and mash
T Sea bass with cherry tomato sauce & new potatoes
W Roast chicken with chipotle coleslaw (peas for dcs), roast potato
T Prawn curry
F Steak chopped salad & chips
S Burns supper - Haggis or pork fillet (for me) with neeps and tatties.

Weelady77 Mon 20-Jan-14 12:33:15

Cornflakegirl could that be done in the slow cooker??

cornflakegirl Mon 20-Jan-14 13:30:22

Weelady I wouldn't bother personally, because I probably only cook it for about 20 mins (not including prep time, but you could chop everything up the night before if you wanted). If you wanted to use a cut of meat that needed slower cooking, then I don't see why not, although you might need to play a bit to get the liquid level right. I find that peppers tend to disintegrate in the slow cooker and detach from the skin, so if I did it, I would chuck the peppers in maybe 30 minutes before the end of cooking time, or soften them seperately and just add at the end.

cornflakegirl Mon 20-Jan-14 13:41:58

Oh, and iirc, then Jamie's MoF book says "here are the spices you need, but tbh, just use Patak's" (or words to that effect). I used to be a bit snobby about doing the spices properly for curries, but their pastes are so good and so easy that I don't see the point. (I'm sure my Punjabi friends who buy their spices in 5kg sacks would disagree, but we probably only cook curry once a week, so not in their league!)

My other standard curry recipe is dal: soften 2 onions, add 250g red lentils and cook for couple of minutes, add Patak's balti paste to taste (think I use a bit less than a tablespoon, my kids prefer it milder), add a tin of chopped tomatoes and then the same volume again of water. Simmer for about 40 mins. Benefits from longer cooking to be on the safe side - no-one wants crunchy lentils! - so would probably be ideal for a slow cooker (although I imagine with slightly less liquid).

(It's a tweaked version of marthamoo's recipe, and has been a staple since she posted it - thanks marthamoo!)

icravecheese Mon 20-Jan-14 13:49:44

Thanks all - I've just printed this entire thread as recipe inspiration for my weekly menu planner smile

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