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I have all manner of green veg in my fridge that is approaching pensionable age - what can I do with it?

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IHeartKingThistle Sun 19-Jan-14 10:11:07

Had veg risotto last night so that's out.

I have courgettes, leeks, half a head of broccoli and half a bag of spinach. Also onions carrots and potatoes if needed, but they're a but more sprightly.

I also have an open pack of puff pastry to use up but I don't think mixed green veg pie is the answer!

Bonsoir Sun 19-Jan-14 10:11:28


CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 19-Jan-14 10:12:13

Add some lentils and make a very green, chunky broth?

Bonsoir Sun 19-Jan-14 10:12:47

Courgette saffron and basil soup
Broccoli and anchovy pasta
Leek and potato soup
Spinach and lentil soup

IHeartKingThistle Sun 19-Jan-14 10:16:35

Oh and bloody hell, I have 3 asparaguses. Sticks? Stalks?

TrinityRhino Sun 19-Jan-14 10:18:10

that thing with potato that I cant remember the name of

thats it


maillotjaune Sun 19-Jan-14 10:19:04

Leek and Stilton or goats cheese or cheddar quiche type thing

Grate courgettes and cheese into a thick pancake/ drop scone batter and the resulting pancakes will keep a couple of days in the fridge. Good for lunches.

IHeartKingThistle Sun 19-Jan-14 10:31:45

Ooh courgette fritters, lovely! Has anyone made cheese and courgette muffins?

maillotjaune Sun 19-Jan-14 10:33:52

No but would love a recipe

frugalfuzzpig Sun 19-Jan-14 15:02:13

I tried courgette fritters the other day, they were gorgeous.

With leeks and leafy stuff (I use cabbage but I think spinach would work?) I used to make a lovely soup with leftover chicken, sweetcorn, chicken or veg stock, chilli and rice noodles.

frugalfuzzpig Sun 19-Jan-14 15:03:12

How do you make your bubble and squeak trinity?

Risotto - this will use up courgettes, leeks, broccoli, asparagus and v spinach nicely.

Bugger - just seen that risotto is out.

Right - prick your pastry sheet and part cook it. Smother it with cream cheese mixed with garlic and pesto plus some of spinach, finely chopped. Shove thinly sliced courgettes and asparagus on top. Sprinkle with parmesan. Cook until all golden and oozing.

IHeartKingThistle Sun 19-Jan-14 18:07:29

Remus that sounds amazing. Ended up making cheese and courgette muffins which were lovely (off nigellas site but needed much longer cooking than the recipe) and creamy spinach, asparagus and random other greens soup. Was lovely, thankyou!

Still have that pastry to use up though. ..

Can do similar with mushrooms. Do the cream cheese stuff as below, but fry some mushrooms and shove them on top, top with parmesan and cook as below. Or use a bit less cream cheese and top with chunks of Camembert to go all gooey on top. Soooooooo good.

IHeartKingThistle Sun 19-Jan-14 19:00:36


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