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Bee100 Wed 27-Feb-02 22:36:45

Have just started DD on solid food (five months old and exclusively breastfed) and can't work out how much to give. The problem is, is that DD seems to have no concept of being full and would happily gobble all day long. She is like this with milk too, but as I was assured by HV that breastfed babies can't 'get fat' this didn't really bother me (she will continue feeding while I do one-handed housework etc, so it has not been as much of a bind as this may sound!). However, she has only been on solids for five days and is already eating one jar of Hipp Organics Carrot & Potato a day (half at lunch and half for dinner) - she could eat more, but I am not offering it to her. Is this okay??? How much should she be eating??? Please help. I don't want to starve her if she should be having more, but am worried that I might overfeed her and end up with an unhappy chubster on my hands!!!

MalmoMum Wed 27-Feb-02 23:38:49

Sounds like you are doing really great: happy with your breastfeeding and have found the right time for dd to hit solids (no mention of gagging reflexes or trying to disguise savoury as yogurt).

Ds started solids around 3 months as he was starting to wake every 2 hours in the night. I started gingerly as we were on the early side. Within a week he had made it clear that he wanted solids at three meals a day.

I think you should feel reassured and enjoy your baby's healthy, a word to enjoy exactly as it is meant, appetite. Solid food should be so much fun for her and please don't worry about her eating too much. There are a lot of reasons your baby wants to suck, it's your milk she is currently after, not chocolate and crisps. Hope you carry on enjoying you closeness.

MandyD Thu 28-Feb-02 09:10:06

MalmoMum - you may be just the person to explode a myth! It's always said that babies should never be given solids before 16 weeks as this will lead to obesity. How old is your son now, and how much does he weigh, if you don't mind me asking!

Snugs Thu 28-Feb-02 09:57:42

MandyD - like MalmoMum, I started my eldest DS on solids at about 3 months (13 wks if I remember correctly). He is now a bright, happy, perfectly averaged sized 4 1/2 year old who has never had a problem with his weight.

Lizzer Thu 28-Feb-02 10:49:00

Bee100 - I'm no expert but I think seeing as you have left it later (and I'm afraid I was an early weaner too so built it up gradually) your dd's gut will be more mature and therefore able to cope really well with the solids. By 5 months my dd was on 3 meals a day - probably the equilvalent amount to half a small jar for dinner and tea and a bowl of cereal like organix banana porridge for breakfast. Plus I think she began having a little yoghurt for dessert from around that age too!! I truly believe that as babies we are able to judge for ourselves how much we want to eat and stop when full. If you are really concerned don't be, you'll know if she's eaten far too much because she will be in pain and most likely be sick all over you! Then you know not to repeat that amount and cut back. For now try to let dd enjoy the different tastes and experiences food can bring. Its really good that she loves vegs so young, there are so many to try. My dd loved mashed avocado at that age!
Just to point out though that just because they are brilliant eater at this age doesn't help when you've got a whiny toddler who is demanding chips and ketchup (for goodness sake - she's only 2!!!) every day for dinner - GAH!!!
Good luck Bee100

winnie Thu 28-Feb-02 10:58:51

Lizzer, Lol at the toddler bit - we are going through that at the moment... a baby who ate everything now wants to simply live off bread, grapes and veggie burgers!!

Bee100, I would not worry about how much your daughter is eating. The idea of icecube size portions to start was always a laughable one in our house (margerine tub portion size was more like it)... Babies and toddlers don't seem to eat when they are not hungry, they haven't learnt that food can be a munipulative tool, a comfort food etc, etc, yet... it is simply fuel.

Marina Thu 28-Feb-02 11:35:21

Winnie, Lizzer, us too (sigh). Vegetables are now down to broccoli and carrots - how much fun is it possible to have watching your child pick chopped onion out of his bolognese or risotto - fruit to apples, bananas and stewed prunes - other than that, sausages, chips, chips, sausages, other extruded potato products and tomato ketchup only, please. I have to resist the urge to start reciting the Monty Python spam sketch sometimes. He used to eat EVERYTHING. I know you are supposed to keep offering other foods, but isn't it depressing.

MalmoMum Thu 28-Feb-02 13:16:17

Mandy D, DS is almost 18 months and weighs 11-12 kg, you can guess that I haven't weighed him recently. Anyhow, he's on the small side and eats quite heartily.

I remember the HV saying that they used to advise solids at 3 months but everyone used start at 2 months. So they upped it to 4 months in the hope that 3 would be the reality. There is pretty little in the way of allergies in the family so I proceeded with caution. He was obviously ready for something else. He couldn't have fed from me much more and sir did not care for the teats on bottles. One of my friends is a paedeatric nurse and started her son on solids at 6 weeks. Her HV nearly had a fit!

tigermoth Thu 28-Feb-02 13:51:03

Faddy two year olds, tell me about them. What is it with sausages and chips? Just like to add that my oldest son was a great little eater when he first started solids, then severely narrowed his range of acceptables as a toddler, only to widen them again from the age of five. Now he eats almost anything and everything - thought still has to be pushed to eat his greens. He loves dabbling in the kitchen when I let him, he watches all the TV food programmes and wants to be a cook on a cruise ship when he grows up.

Joe1 Thu 28-Feb-02 13:59:09

I started solids at 16 weeks with a small amount and couldnt believe how quickly we went to 3 meals a day with puddings, loads of banana porridge for breakfast, wondering where this little person was putting it all. He still eats loads with variety unless he has teeth coming through then its let him eat what he wants. I have always let him eat as much as he likes, he soon tells me when he has had enough.

TigerFeet Thu 28-Feb-02 14:01:43

Mine has recently (in the last 3 months) decided to be really picky and suspicious over food (he is 22 months). He would now live off cheerios, toast, apples, cheese, chips, milk and yoghurt (not to mention anything chocolate). He also loves ketchup and I recently picked up a good tip. Puree some carrot so it has the consistency of a dip and add some ketchup to it. He lapped it up so now I can get him to eat carrots too. He's pretty bright though so I'm sure it wont take long before he susses that one out. Has anyone got any other tips? He also used to be an 'eat everything in sight' boy.

Art Thu 28-Feb-02 18:47:09

My ds has always been a big eater, and I constantly worried if i was feeding him too much or not enough. He loved banana so much he would eat a whole one, when the books were suggesting a 1 inch piece. The teaspoon sized portions soon turned into table spoons and we gave up on freezing batches of food in ice cube trays as he would eat half a tray at one sitting! At eight months he eats a big bowl of cereal mixed with milk and a whole piece of fruit for breakfast. For dinner will have a whole bowl of chicken, potato and veg and for tea will again eat a big bowl with a piece of fruit. His weight gain has slowed in the last month as he has got more active and he is certainly not overweight.
You sound as if you are doing fantastically with the weaning, so just enjoy it and let dd lead you in how much she wants.

Art Thu 28-Feb-02 18:50:17

(I meant to include there, 3 full milk feeds too.)

Crunchie Fri 01-Mar-02 10:09:57

The only thing to be aware of, which I don't think anyone else has mentioned, is the milk intake. Providing your babe keeps on drinking plenty of milk, and isn't dropping milk feeds becasue they are full up on solids then it's fine. My dd is now nearly a year and we have only recently started cutting the milk back to just about 20oz (1 pint). Up until now she's had about 3 x 8 oz bottles of milk as well as three meals. Please don't worry about chubby kids at 5 months and certainly don't resrict food intake incase of that. They go through many fits and spurts in their weight and growth, depending on activity level. I have a 3 yr old who eats like a horse some days, and nothing the next and she is like a baby beanpole (however she was prem so it's no wonder) and about 25 lbs. Plus a year old who eats like a pig, although she only wants finger foods (yes mashed potato is a finger food in our house), and is about 23lbs! So go figutre!

Bozza Fri 01-Mar-02 22:12:08

Chrunchie LOL about mashed potato being finger food. It is for us too, along with cauliflower cheese.

bossykate Sat 02-Mar-02 19:17:44

finger foods are known as floor foods in our house - for obvious reasons!

cab1 Fri 23-May-03 15:47:19

my baby is 13 weeks old and has been having 9 ounces of milk for the last four weeks at every feed he now seems to be hungry two hours after this and will have another 3 or 6 ounces to keep him satisfied should i start introducing solids.he is also tking an interest in our food and chews on his hands a lot.He can hold his head up and can sit up straight when being held.

Happycat Fri 23-May-03 17:33:43

I would give it a go with a little baby rice that is one of the signs if he is interested in your food.Is he also waking at night after sleeping through?

mears Sat 24-May-03 10:32:45

What milk is he on cab1? Finger chewing is not a sign of hunger - it is the way that babies 'feel' - known as the oral phase. If you can I would avoid starting solids at the minute and keep him on the milk.

cab1 Sat 24-May-03 11:21:10

Thanks for your replys my baby isnt waking in the night at the moment and yesterday seemed quite content with his milk maybe he was just going through a bit of a growth spurt.He is having cow and gate plus milk which he has been having since about four weeks old. I'll try and hold out for a couple more weeks.

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