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Chicken & rice one pot/bake recipe

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sunnysunnyshine Fri 17-Jan-14 10:49:24

Does anybody know how to cook chicken (thighs) and rice in one pot/tray in the oven pls?

Been googling but nothing is inspiring me. Can't have anything too spicy as a toddler and 9mo are eating it...

Anyone make anything like this?

DaftSkunk Fri 17-Jan-14 10:52:35

Would this be any good?

sunnysunnyshine Fri 17-Jan-14 11:06:35

Thanks, that looks quite nice...

AryaofhouseSnark Fri 17-Jan-14 11:10:14

I have got that recipe on my meal planner Daft it looks lovely.
Delia's chicken basque. is really nice, although we eat it more in the summer because it seems more of a summery dish for some reason.

AryaofhouseSnark Fri 17-Jan-14 11:11:27

this. looks lovely.

DaftSkunk Fri 17-Jan-14 11:11:49

Here is another one but you might want to cut the curry paste down a bit?

AryaofhouseSnark Fri 17-Jan-14 11:13:49

Do you think that would work in a slow cooker Daft ?

HeeHiles Fri 17-Jan-14 11:14:05

This one is my favourite

I adapt it by adding chilies, or different veg like courgettes and kidney beans, it's a versatile recipe!

DaftSkunk Fri 17-Jan-14 11:15:29

This looks really nice too.

CalamitouslyWrong Fri 17-Jan-14 11:15:38

This is lovely. I leave out the prawns because DH won't eat them.

CalamitouslyWrong Fri 17-Jan-14 11:16:41

You can add extra veg to that to. I usually add red pepper and cherry tomatoes (I throw them in with the onions at the start).

DaftSkunk Fri 17-Jan-14 11:18:08

I'm not sure arya, I'm a bit of a slow cooker novice and have only recently started getting to grips with using it!

AryaofhouseSnark Fri 17-Jan-14 11:21:38

Me too Daft I think the veg might go a sloppy if they have been in there all day, but it's so nice to come home to a ready made dinner.

IamInvisible Fri 17-Jan-14 11:25:55

This Faye Ripley recipe is lovely.

DaftSkunk Fri 17-Jan-14 11:26:27

Yes I thought that too and the rice might go a bit gloopy?

AryaofhouseSnark Fri 17-Jan-14 11:39:27

Yes, you're right it probably would. Ah well. Definitely going to give it a go, it looks lovely.

Chewbecca Fri 17-Jan-14 11:42:28

Delia's chicken basque as linked already by arya is one of my favourite all time recipes so would highly recommend. I leave out the oranges but other than that, follow the recipe exactly.

HeeHiles Fri 17-Jan-14 11:43:19

Mmmmm Calamitously That looks lovely! (Adds Chorizo to shopping list)

Chewbecca Fri 17-Jan-14 11:44:47

I also regularly make Thai chicken rice but the Barts curry paste does blow your head off, even a half quantity of that suggested so probably does not fit OP's brief!

CalamitouslyWrong Fri 17-Jan-14 11:50:36

this is super easy, if you have a rice cooker. If not you could do it in a pot with a lid on the cooker.

sunnysunnyshine Fri 17-Jan-14 20:21:38


Was saying...loads of lovely recipes here. Thanks! Made one this evening that was a bit of a mix of a few and the rice was really gloopy. Did I just put too much stock in or is there a trick I'm missing?

CalamitouslyWrong Fri 17-Jan-14 20:24:39

It was probably too much stock.

CalamitouslyWrong Fri 17-Jan-14 20:25:14

Did you stir it a lot? That would make it gloppy too.

sunnysunnyshine Fri 17-Jan-14 20:42:41

Yep I did keep checking and stirring. Less stock and stirring next time smile

CalamitouslyWrong Fri 17-Jan-14 20:46:21

Don't stir it at all next time. Just put a lid on and trust it to be ok.

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