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Good cheapish blender for soup

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firesidechat Thu 09-Jan-14 13:41:23

I've just made a vat of soup which needed to be blended and disaster struck. Well not quite disaster, but it was annoying. I couldn't find my hand blender any where, so have spent half an hour blending tiny portions in my very tiny food chopper.

The soup I made was lovely though and I would like to do more. Can anyone recommend a blender for soup that works and won't break the bank?

Artandco Thu 09-Jan-14 13:43:54

I just use a hand blender. £5-10 most places. Just blend in saucepan

wonkylegs Thu 09-Jan-14 13:44:29

I have this one which I bought for doing purees when DS was a baby - he's now 5.5 and its still going strong.
Made a huge vat of carrot soup with it at DSs request (hmm) last weekend.

firesidechat Thu 09-Jan-14 13:59:22

So you both think the hand blenders are up to the job? It was one like that that I've lost, but at least they aren't expensive to replace. I just know that I will find the old one as soon as a buy a replacement, but hey ho.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Thu 09-Jan-14 14:01:47

I have a hand blender I bought years ago in Sainsbos for about £10. I blend in saucepan too.

Artandco Thu 09-Jan-14 14:02:39

It seems best for us. We have a smoothie maker machine thing we could use but it makes such a mess and so much to clean in comparison. Same texture with basic hand held

firesidechat Thu 09-Jan-14 14:06:48

Thanks everyone.

It was the mess rather than the time spent that made me post this. The chopper did the job, but oh my poor kitchen!

wonkylegs Thu 09-Jan-14 14:12:54

I do mine in the saucepan and as long as you get the angle alright its not messy at all. I wouldn't let DS/ DH have a go but me carefully and its fine.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Thu 09-Jan-14 14:35:13

No mess with a hand held, as long as there's enough soup to cover the blades.

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 09-Jan-14 14:48:22

Hand blender works like a charm plus there's no messy goblet-washing or transferring of boiling hot soup to deal with. Mine's a Braun.

tshirtsuntan Thu 09-Jan-14 14:51:00

I always use my hand blender too, less faff!

WallyBantersJunkBox Thu 09-Jan-14 14:51:07

I'd prefer a hand held too, as you can blend whilst hot.

Usually they recommend cooling a soup, ladling it into a blender and then reheating it. A lot of mess regardless of the blender size and more time needed.

I turn off the cooker top, blend and then reheat it back to simmering quickly.

firesidechat Thu 09-Jan-14 15:01:53

Ok hand blender it is.

Redpriestandmozart Thu 09-Jan-14 21:49:45

I make loads of soup, at least 3 massive pressure cooker pots a week and would not be without my Kenwood hand blender, it comes with a bigfoot for soup. Definitely better than using a blender as the hot soup will spray out the top, sadly speaking from experience smile

firesidechat Fri 10-Jan-14 09:20:05

Oh I like the idea of a foot for soup. I will have a look online later.

user1482338830 Wed 21-Dec-16 19:47:49

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