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Birthday Tea

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fairydust Sun 29-Feb-04 10:38:46

DD is 2 in a couple of weeks and she's have a friend round for a birthday tea - but what sort of things do i do for them to eat i'd like to do a little buffet but not sure what to do.

Angeliz Sun 29-Feb-04 11:06:48

my dd was three a few days ago and i did a little party tea.

Egg sandwiches
cheese and cucumber sandwiches
sausage rolls
little cakes and bickies

jelly frogs and ice-cream

Not very imaginative i suppose but guaranteed to get eaten and well enjoyed.
Have fun

LIZS Sun 29-Feb-04 11:07:54

I always go for simple finger foods such as cubes of cheeses and pineapple chunks, small skinless sausages, seedless grapes, raisins, crisps/plainish biscuits, breadsticks, carrot batons with perhaps chicken nugget-type or mini pizza things etc. What is your dd's favourite ?

collision Mon 01-Mar-04 18:55:17

IMO dont go mad as they never eat as much as you think they will. Ds had a little party and I gave them sausages and chips (cos he never gets them!) and cake.

mummytojames Tue 02-Mar-04 02:05:56

coll i like your idea best it seems the quickest to do but the general is cakes bisciuts sandwiches jelly and ice cream mouse triffle (i think it was my mother who said if you can call it junk food most kids will eat it)
happy birthday to dd for the time and good luck

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