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noddy5 Sat 28-Feb-04 15:56:00

I have bought some of that new sleepy milk as a last ditch attempt to help me sleep.Has anyone tried it?

treacletart Sat 28-Feb-04 16:12:41

yes - but not on myself - I gave a couple of ounces to ds (8m) last week in another vain attempt at getting him to sleep through - made a big difference to bedtime - asleep almost before I even got to the door but he still woke in the night. I've been a little loathe to give him a larger amount because hes too little for cows milk really, but I reckon they're must be something in it for sure.

Evita Sat 28-Feb-04 20:28:25

Hi noddy5, still suffering your sleeplessness?

What's sleepy milk? I might give it a go too ...

Posey Sat 28-Feb-04 20:56:28

Dh came back from the supermarket today with some for ds. Mind you couldn't get him to drink much, he really likes a b/f at bedtime.
Evita - it comes from cows that are milked at night when the level of Melatonin is higher. Melatonin helps you sleep.
It cost 89 or 99p for a litre from Sainsburys.

Davros Sun 29-Feb-04 09:06:58

Have you tried Nytol? Seems to work, even if its Placebo, don't know....

Evita Sun 29-Feb-04 11:22:59

Gosh, I've never heard of it before. Wonder if Tesco do it. Trouble is I'm not much of a milk drinker. Maybe dd would like it though.

cazzybabs Sun 29-Feb-04 11:27:13

Well its good to know it works - I looked at it and laughed thinking its a ploy to get you to pay more for your milk. (don't read this as a scarastic comment) but treacletart it really works and if its for your ds then it can't be a placebo effect!

cazzybabs Sun 29-Feb-04 11:28:02

Although actally i need milk from cows milked in the middle of the day to keep me awake!

Davros Sun 29-Feb-04 12:12:57

Don't think you could give Nytol to children, but OK if its for an adults. My hubbie swears by it! OR you could get someone from the USA to send you some Melatonin as you can buy it over the counter there.

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