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lunchbox police - mortified. Help me!

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Queenofknickers Mon 18-Nov-13 18:57:04

Ds2 (8) will not eat fruit or veg blush It's impossible. Only healthy snack he likes is nuts which are banned at school. I have brought him up exactly same as DS1 (9) who eats anything. I work FT and DH is p/t and in charge of lunch boxes - he has kind of given up and now just puts brownies etc in as snacks. I picked them up for first time from school today as I have rare day off and was MORTIFIED to be told off by school about the unhealthy lunches. Please help me 1) think of things DH can put in instead and 2) tell him without him thinking I'm criticising.......

spilttheteaagain Wed 20-Nov-13 21:51:48

You could try the nakd bars? They are a bit pricy but are purely pounded up dates/raisins/cashews & various extras for variety like cocoa powder.

You can buy them in Tesco etc. A 4 pack of the cocoa ones is about £2.70 so same price as vending machine choc to be fair.

NoComet Wed 20-Nov-13 14:47:37

by HT

NoComet Wed 20-Nov-13 14:47:21

To be fair DDs BY has sense, he passes healthy eating and drinking pronouncements because he feels he should. He isn't so daft as to think we are going to take any notice.

NoComet Wed 20-Nov-13 14:43:59

It's non of schools business what is in lunch boxes, Smile and nod.

Likewisekewise, if like DD2 squash is all they will drink, that US what goes in their bottle.

DD does like fruit, but wastes it in her hurry to go out and play, therefore she gets it when she gets home.

moogalicious Wed 20-Nov-13 14:35:29


sashh Tue 19-Nov-13 10:10:44

Ask DS2 what he would like that the school think is OK.

Have a look on the internet, in cook books etc

yegodsandlittlefishes Tue 19-Nov-13 09:11:06

My God, my DH has never so much as thought of preparing a packed school lunch, and if he had ever had to it would have been a Wagon Wheel and a packet of crisps from a corner shop on the school run! Tell your DH that you are both doing fine and he'll eat fruit and veg when he needs to. Put a little tub of grapes or cherry tomatoes in with his lunch once a week, and the occasional bit of fruit cake. Let them see if they can make him eat it! (They won't, but it'll keep them quiet.)

What about dried seeds, if he's not allowed nuts?

Queenofknickers Tue 19-Nov-13 09:00:37

Thanks for all your great suggestions. Yes DS can spot a shred of carrot (or anything even purée) in anything. I have baked/minced/blended/had reward charts EVERYTHING!!!!! He actually gags and chokes (not acting) on fruit and veg. DH has, as I worried, taken it tremendously personally and decided he is "letting them down". I have advised we just try 2x lots of sandwiches with maybe some cheese Dunkers and cut out the sweet stuff. And buy some vitamins.

DH v stressed and shouty hmm

WilsonFrickett Mon 18-Nov-13 22:06:30

Tesco fruit slurpers - basically fruit purees like the Ella stuff you give babies, but in a more grown up package. Yes, I send my child to school with fruit purees blush but it's still fruit, right? sad

grabaspoon Mon 18-Nov-13 20:53:13

I would look at the school menu - our hot meals are full of pizza and cake so can't see how they can impose strict rules on packed lunch boxes

bigbrick Mon 18-Nov-13 20:52:52

Cheese sandwich and a yogurt

moogalicious Mon 18-Nov-13 20:51:25

Tried and failed with malt loaf. Dd will eat banana bread though.

Cheese scones are a good idea.

ouryve Mon 18-Nov-13 19:19:28

Fruitus bars are fab, too. They used to provide one of his five a week grin

clarinsgirl Mon 18-Nov-13 19:19:26

Err, tell the school that you're a grown up who is perfectly capable of feeding their DS and to feck right off and perhaps go with some of the healthier suggestions on here.

MortifiedAnyFuckerAdams Mon 18-Nov-13 19:18:49

Cheese scone
Sure you can do veggy type muffins (corgette etc)

ouryve Mon 18-Nov-13 19:17:39

School only have a right to grumble about the cake in the lunchbox if they don't serve cake for pudding every day.

My fruit and veg hater often has houmous in a sandwich and things like banana muffins, carrot cake or courgette loaf as a sweet treat.

SamsGoldilocks Mon 18-Nov-13 19:16:41

Will your non fruit eaters fall for a slice of malt loaf?

rwepi Mon 18-Nov-13 19:13:45

DS1 won't have fruit in his lunchbox now he's a secondary (eats it at home confused ). I put in an extra sandwich or a piece of cheese as a snack for break time.

MsGee Mon 18-Nov-13 19:13:29

Relieved to meet parents of other fruit and veg refusing kids.

My DD aged 3.5 was too smart to fall for interesting veg or smoothies ... Even at 5 she can pick out a microscopic bit of carrot.

Very keen to hear of other snacks people give their kids. We rely on crackers and breadsticks. It's v hard when yoghurt and cheese are out (as are dips etc.)

DevonFolk Mon 18-Nov-13 19:13:21


takeitonthegin Mon 18-Nov-13 19:13:00

What about those strawberry winder things...are they allowed those? Yoghurt covered raisins or those yoghurt or fruit tubes.

Would they let him take dry cereals (cheerios for example) in a little pot?

My DS2 point blank refuses fruit and veg, its a nightmare. Hes only 2 and a half though so im hoping it changes by school lunch age. smile

DevonFolk Mon 18-Nov-13 19:12:26

Sundried tomato and cheese muffins? Carrot and cheese flashbacks?

moogalicious Mon 18-Nov-13 19:11:39

cold pizza works for dd.

gallicgirl Mon 18-Nov-13 19:11:24

There's a US website called who encourage healthy school lunches primarily for pre-schoolers. It has some good lunch ideas.

I wouldn't be mortified though. I don't think my child's eating habits are the business of the school particularly. Perhaps they could help by encouraging healthy eating in class topics?

MsGee Mon 18-Nov-13 19:09:34

I sympathise. My DD wot eat fruit or veg and is tryin to cut out what few things she eats.

She does eat fruit bars though - for some reason they don't count...

Her packed lunch is a wrap, yoghurt (if eating dairy), fruit bar, plain cracker and biscuit. So just one unhealthy thing (ok fruit bars rot teeth and cracker is crap ..). I think one unhealthy thing is ok?

DD sometimes has chicken and rice (cold, her choice...). Would that work?

I despair of filling her as she gets older so feel for you.

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