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Any good slow cooker recipes for cheap meals which don't need browning?

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MrsKoala Fri 15-Nov-13 18:13:45

i don't see the point of slow cooker recipes which require browning - i'd rather use a le crueset casserole dish in that case as i don't want to make more washing up for myself. But all the recipes i see have quite a lot of faff beforehand/preparation. What i need are recipes where you can bung it all in and leave it to get on with it. Do all meat recipes require browning?

didireallysaythat Mon 18-Nov-13 18:42:09

Google lasagne in a slow cooker. Ok maybe not authentic but no browning. If you have a jar of white sauce (ala aldi) it's the work of minutes.

MuffCakes Mon 18-Nov-13 18:48:48

I have only just found out you can do jacket potatoes in the s/c. OMG I am doing this this week, some recipes say put it in foil and some say just to oil them.

Oh imagine walking in and having a hot jacket potato already cooked.

derektheladyhamster Mon 18-Nov-13 19:29:54

searing slow cooker I think this is on my xmas list, my old slow cooker is on it's last legs!

Bubbles1066 Mon 18-Nov-13 19:34:52

Veggie recipes with tinned beans/lentils need no preparation at all. You can frying the onions/veg for 2 mins before adding if you want to but if you use fresh you don't have to. Put any drained tinned pulse, a tin of tomatoes, half an onion, a tablespoon of tomato purée, whatever veg you fancy and half a pint of veggie stock with some mixed herbs in and cook on high for 3 hours. Really easy and yummy.

ananikifo Mon 18-Nov-13 22:04:07

MrsKoala: if you have fb there should be a search field or magnifying glass. Type in the name of the group you want (or just "slow cooker") and choose from the list that comes up. Choose a group from the list. The group page should have somewhere really obvious to click to join the group.

Worley I'm so glad it worked for you!

SoonToBeSix Mon 18-Nov-13 22:10:23

Just don't brown even if the recipe tells you to it is totally unnecessary.

Suttonmum1 Mon 18-Nov-13 22:19:19

I have a book called Convenience foods for the slow cooker by Carolyn Humphries (£6.47 on Amazon) in which all of the recipes need no pre cooking. Even ones that use frozen ingredients.
Haven't used it for a while but the Chinese Chicken curry we particularly liked.

HumpdayPlus Mon 18-Nov-13 23:04:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ananikifo Mon 18-Nov-13 23:09:35

I don't soften onions for the slow cooker.

NeveroddoreveN Mon 18-Nov-13 23:22:47

A really popular and simple slow cooker recipe I do is great for cheaper cuts of lamb and leaving for as long as possible; 4-7 hours gives really tender melt in the mouth meat. Get your lamb and bung it in the cooker (don't even bother cutting up as will fall apart later), Use a very very generous amount of tom purée (at least half a tube),a tin or two of tomatoes depending on how much meat (again doesn't really matter if chopped as will all dissolve) and maybe half a can or so of water (I use tomato can to rinse before recycling) if you need to cover the bottom of the pot. About and hour before serving add as much garlic as you can bear (I use puréed and love it really strong so add it later but you can do it at the start if no time and it will be a mellower flavour). That is it! Serve with loads of cheese, a bit of salt and spaghetti or whichever carb you see fit. Really simple and will keep well in the freezer for emergencies too smile

iklboo Mon 18-Nov-13 23:27:24

Leftover chicken, a 'sheet' of dried noodles, small tin of sweetcorn, a few chopped spring onions, chicken stock & a pinch of chilli flakes - makes a lovely chicken noodle soup.

MrsKoala Tue 19-Nov-13 07:55:45

I'm going to sound really lazy now, but can you put frozen veg in the sc? I'm thinking of bulk chopping and freezing onions/carrots etc and want to be able to just shove a handful of things in from the freezer then let it get on with it. blush I can cook properly really, honest!

goodtimesinbontemps Tue 19-Nov-13 08:00:12

Yes you can, I often add in handfuls of frozen green beans for example and they cook beautifully.

SoupDragon Tue 19-Nov-13 08:07:18

Only sausages need browned to stop them looking like penises.

This. I don't brown anything else.

SoupDragon Tue 19-Nov-13 08:08:26

I don't soften onions either.


TerraNotSoFirma Tue 19-Nov-13 08:20:40

I use frozen veg, but reduce the amount of water you would normally add.
Agree about sausages being browned, They get chucked on the George foreman grill for 2 mins to avoid the boiled penis look.

trinitybleu Tue 19-Nov-13 08:25:23

I don't even brown sausages! Am always seeking a "No Browning SC Recipe Book" wink

With the turkey drumstick recipe, do you add any stock??

ZooTimeIsSheAndYouTime Tue 19-Nov-13 09:07:26

I think sausages need browning. And annoyingly I think onions do too because I think it makes them sweeter and seems to change them for the better.

ananikifo Tue 19-Nov-13 14:59:39

I don't add any liquid to the turkey drumstick.

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