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Pancakes - have you made yours & how?

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sb34 Tue 24-Feb-04 16:42:19

Message withdrawn

sb34 Tue 24-Feb-04 16:44:05

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Tue 24-Feb-04 16:50:14

You go to M&S and buy a tub of their super creamy pancake mix - add a bit of milk so it not so think and creamy and there you go - failing that nip to corner shop and buy them ready made or as last resort get the packet stuff (you know powdery batter mix stuff).

I been to M&S - god I am just such a domestic goddess - so homely and organised

sb34 Tue 24-Feb-04 16:52:19

Message withdrawn

Jaybee Tue 24-Feb-04 16:57:42

Never heard of egg free pancakes - could you not borrow one from a neighbour?
Batter mix is 100g/4 oz of plain flour (about a cup full), one medium egg, a pinch of salt and half a pint of milk.
I have got to make these when I get home from work.

lou33 Tue 24-Feb-04 16:58:27

Add a bit of water to the mix too sb.

Don't ask me how much of anything, I have no scales, never have, just do everything by feel .

lou33 Tue 24-Feb-04 16:59:31

egg free pancakes !

Galaxy Tue 24-Feb-04 17:02:42

message withdrawn

Codandchips Tue 24-Feb-04 17:05:19

have done them delia recipe the fist one i s always a disaster

boys had em with choc spread

alibubbles Tue 24-Feb-04 17:07:19

I usually do Delia, yes, the first one is always a disaster so mummy has to eat it!

Bought mine in packets ready made from Galleries lafayette, do you think they accept those, else someone is going to have to get some milk or no porridge in the morning!

sb34 Tue 24-Feb-04 17:14:03

Message withdrawn

hmb Tue 24-Feb-04 17:16:06

Done them and the second one if cooking. I always do thicker, American style pancakes, easier to cook.

sb34 Tue 24-Feb-04 17:54:49

Message withdrawn

alison222 Tue 24-Feb-04 17:55:04

I knew someone would have an egg free recipie - do you think it would work without gelatin as I don't have it. DS - allergic to eggs is dying ofr some. The only other recipe I can find needs rolled oats which I also don't have

alison222 Tue 24-Feb-04 17:56:02

sb34 did you use the jelly?

lou33 Tue 24-Feb-04 18:00:27

Am off to do mine now. Had to remove ds2 from his highchair first, as he had fallen asleep mid mouthful

GeorginaA Tue 24-Feb-04 18:06:16

I was going to ignore pancake day (I'm knackered, and I really can't see ds eating them) but ds' nursery (gits) obviously plugged it in a big way because ds comes running out yelling at the top of his voice "I WANT TO MAKE PANCAKES MUMMY!"

Dh said I should have just ignored him, but we've made the pancake mixture now and it's sitting waiting to be cooked for "dessert" (that way when ds inevitably rejects them then at least he'll have eaten something else this evening)

sb34 Tue 24-Feb-04 18:09:32

Message withdrawn

roisin Tue 24-Feb-04 18:11:10

Wahey! Boys (4 and 6) didn't approve of my plan to postpone pancakes. They 'worked together as a team' and got out the recipe book (Delia), used the index to find the recipe. Got out all the ingredients. [Had to intervene to prevent them using the cheap flour we use for playdough]. They weighed out and measured all the ingredients ... needed help with the eggs ... but other than that made the mixture all by themselves!

I am so proud

ScummyMummy Tue 24-Feb-04 18:15:01

Mmmm. I love pancakes. Must remember to make them at other times of year! Wasn't so sure about son's new topping idea- lashings of golden syrup, lemon, banana, sugar & honey all on the one pancake- but he was so enthused that it seemed a shame to intervene and he did eat the whole sickeningly sweet confection in seconds flat. Glad the egg free pancakes were a success, SB34!

21stcenturygirl Tue 24-Feb-04 18:17:37

Mumsnetters - you can be relied upon in a crisis - my dh just rang and asked how you make pancakes (can face reading Delia at the mo) and sure enough there was a thread. Isn't Mumsnet Great!

WSM Tue 24-Feb-04 18:36:00

I completely forgot and DD and I has chicken fajitas instead. Dh is out playing badminton in a match tonight so he has a toastie.

Posey Tue 24-Feb-04 20:34:38

Dd is off school with chicken pox so we made and ate ours at 9am
Delia recipe, very nice, eaten with either jam, golden syrup or a bit of sugar.

Ailsa Wed 25-Feb-04 13:00:53

I used Aunt Bessies ready made pancakes, 4 pancakes for 4½ minutes in the microwave. No mess to clear up. DH has his with raspberry jam, the kids and I have maple syrup.

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