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How to make my children eat sweet potatoes?

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whimsicalname Mon 11-Nov-13 02:51:31

For various reasons, we have a lot of sweet potatoes. I like them baked or as wedges, or in curries. My kids don't like them plain or curry type flavours. What else can I do with them?

Turnipsandpumpkins Mon 11-Nov-13 03:09:24

What about in soup? You could sneak them in to butternut squash or carrot soup.
Or sweet potato pie?

You can mash them and use them instead of mashed potato, maybe on fish pie?

Potato pancakes?

westcoastnortherner Mon 11-Nov-13 03:10:43

Mashed is yummy, especially if you sauté a little garlic in butter

westcoastnortherner Mon 11-Nov-13 03:11:01

And then stir it in to the mash

kateandme Mon 11-Nov-13 03:22:41

use them in mash for various top to pies.cottage pie,veg pie.u can use them on their own mashed or mixed with normal.
in stews
in tagines

abithormonal Mon 11-Nov-13 03:36:00

Mashed with tinned salmon to make fishcakes

insertwittyusernamehereplease Mon 11-Nov-13 03:47:19

Sweet potato fries are delish! I don't really have a recipe, I haven't mastered it yet but my friend makes yummy fries! Also, mashed with carrots, cubed then roasted with herbs and garlic. Check out Canadian recipe websites, we have so many variations over here

NettoSuperstar Mon 11-Nov-13 03:53:14

Mix with potatoes and use to top cottage/fish pie.
Make into edges and smother in cheese.

My 12yr old swears she doesn't like sweet vegetables, even though she has a really sweet tooth, but she eats and enjoys them this way.

mirai Mon 11-Nov-13 05:09:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YoungBritishPissArtist Mon 11-Nov-13 05:25:41

Bake them with marshmallows, like they do in the US.

whimsicalname Mon 11-Nov-13 12:21:22

Thanks all. I will experiment with sneaking them in to more stuff and report back.

MooMinCow Mon 11-Nov-13 18:24:44

Sweet Potato [ brownies]]. Very chocolatey and squidgy grin

MooMinCow Mon 11-Nov-13 18:25:05


Littleredsquirrel Mon 11-Nov-13 18:25:38


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