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How can I make couscous exciting(ish)

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alicethecactus Wed 06-Nov-13 10:29:17

I've started making couscous to take to work for lunch with other salad-y bits. Trouble is it taste dead boring. What can I do to it to make it taste less like bland grains of nothing? Ideally it'd be something quick I can do the night before. TIA!

Snowlike Thu 07-Nov-13 21:55:24

Buy barley couscous by Beluzu and you're on to a good start. Stock, olive oil, lemon juice and coriander will finish it off nicely.

redmayneslips Sat 09-Nov-13 14:58:38

I like the Aldi lemon and coriander cous cous, I make it with boiling water and a knob of butter and I also roast finely chopped med veg (peppers, courgette, carrot, red onion, cherry tomatoes, celery in a drizzle of olive oil in a very hot oven for about 30mins until nicely charred, then tip into the cooked cous cous and stir - delicious!

We are having this tomorrow night with chicken in BBQ sauce and salad mmm....

I have never heard of making cous cous with cold water it doesn't seem appetising to me

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