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Meal planning

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I just can't manage to do it. I find it so stressful & time consuming. I want to be able to, that's all. I normally just buy stuff in and muddle through the week.

That was fine until I had DC3. I don't have the time now to choose every day what we have & we have a tighter budget. Plus I'm following Slimming world at the moment. I'm weaning DD too, so that needs to be planned for.

How do you all do it?

dawntigga Wed 13-Nov-13 16:41:30

Hi there here is the link it's NOT a blog plug but couldn't work out how to upload to here.


<goes off to nose at website>

Hello, I've had a quick look. You have some lovely meals on there.
Dessert for dinner?! Sounds good to me wine

Is this the completed format? I know you have more days rto plan . What I mean is how are you laying it out? The dates, recipes, shopping lists etc?

pregnantpause Wed 13-Nov-13 23:33:06

I've looked, it's great, and I don't think giving to repeated requests is plugging your blog, not so much as just giving in to public demand (not to mention that you did plug munsnet in returnwink )
It looks great to me, and one of the few blogs I will go back too. Thanks tigga

dawntigga Thu 14-Nov-13 17:00:45

Yes, I've still got 91 days left to fill up. I'm trying to not have to much of the same thing close together and trying to not have anything month on month, but I'm going to have to because I've run out of ideas sad

Once I've filled it I'm going to do 12 blogs with the plan on monthly basis with a shopping list of everything I'll need on a week by week basis for that month iyswim. Each blog will also include the spreadsheet. I'll include links to sites that I think are fab for bulk buying spices etc. Sadly, where I live, there is no local asian cash and carry. Which is one of the things I miss about living here. When I lived near Oldham there was one right across the road from me - bliss!

The plan is trying to use in season produce as well, we have a fab veg stall locally. As The Cub eats his body weight in fruit every day, it's a good job grin

Any ideas for plugging the gaps I'll take gladly wink


Its alright- we will find something to fill it up so it's not repeating. Let me look back through it later and I'll see what I can think of thats not there.

I like the idea of all the blogs through the year.

I've been useless this week in regards to planning. Still don't know what to do tonight!

dawntigga Thu 14-Nov-13 17:21:52

We're having packet mix for the adults and The Cub had meze which he bloody loves :D In fact he's eating it as I type.


What packet mix are you having?

dawntigga Thu 14-Nov-13 18:14:28

The first one I put my hand on, I hope it's rice grin


How are you getting on dawntigga?

daisydee43 Fri 22-Nov-13 19:54:15

Doing meal planning now hate it shock

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