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What is your never fails to be eaten rice recipe please?

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MissStrawberry Mon 21-Oct-13 16:15:03

I want to cut down on the amount of meat we eat and up the grains we have. I make rice with fish and veg, rice with veg only and used to make risi e bisi (makes note to make again) and would really appreciate some ideas from you for something I can make for my children, DH and I to eat (and if it can stay warm for 1-2 hours before DH and I are ready to eat that would be a huge bonus too but not essential.)

Thanks in advance flowers.

Rice is the only thing all my kids will eat. 2 will eat pasta and cous cous. One will eat rice but not pasta (unless spag bol) and one will eat cous cous if they have too.

mamij Thu 14-Nov-13 17:57:36

Have you tried orzo? It's technically a pasta (I think!) but looks like rice. We usually have it with smoked haddock and spinach.

Cook the orzo (leave a little bite to it) and drain.
Add garlic and onions to a pan and cook until softened.
Add orzo and some fish stock.
Add the smoked haddock and cover until almost cooked.
Add chopped up spinach and creme fraiche.
All the stock doesn't have to be absorbed, so that the end result can be a bit soupy (sounds horrible but tastes delicious!).

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