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Just treated myself to New Blender now need new recipes ????

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ANGELMOTHER Tue 17-Feb-04 20:15:50

Other than soup that is

crystaltips Tue 17-Feb-04 21:30:11

Bottle of wine .... bucket of ice ... WHIZZ .... wine frappe !!

Sorry - flippant!!

I have just bought a juicer on ebay - so I want to know what's worth juicing !!

grapes perhaps

twiglett Tue 17-Feb-04 21:31:37

message withdrawn

Kayleigh Tue 17-Feb-04 21:48:30

oh twiglett you beat me to it. Love a banana smoothie. Or how about a banana and chocolate milkshake (thick made with ice cream).
Oh, god I need chocolate............

ANGELMOTHER Tue 17-Feb-04 21:53:02

Oooooh I see half term turning into smoothie mania

Rhubarb Wed 18-Feb-04 09:09:53

WWW had an excellent recipe for fairy cakes that you can do in the blender, but I can't find it. It's worth getting it from her, the cakes are just yummy!

SoupDragon Wed 18-Feb-04 10:22:19

Didn't you have a whole blender thread last year Rhubarb? Maybe I'm going mad. Anyway, I can't find it - must have been archived.

Rhubarb Wed 18-Feb-04 16:43:51

Yes I did, WWW posted her recipe on there and I can't find it either. Where are you WWW? We want your recipe!

ANGELMOTHER Wed 18-Feb-04 19:29:34

Ooooohh WWW please it sounds delicious.........I want to play with my blender, how sad is that

mummytojames Fri 20-Feb-04 06:00:12

heres one and it will give you some use of your blender
i cheat when it comes to making baby meals i make ours then think can i blend it if i think yes then a portion of ours gets blended portioned out for the baby then froze ready made meals lol cheese and potatoe mash is about the easyest ive done but then i got a bit extravagant i was making chicken with a tomatoe and basil sauce with chips so i blended his with some sweet potatoe and he loved it and trust me he can be the fussiest eater going if he wants to be and before then he refused to eat meat then again hes only six months old so i cant moan if any one want the recipe please read on

two large sweet potatoes
ten slithers of chicken boneless (we dont want to work to hard now lol)
1 tin of plum tomatoes
tea spoon of dried basil
baby rice as and when needed

right lets cook
peel and chop sweet potatoe into small chunks
put into a pan of boiling warter to cook
add chicken to water and cook at the same time
cook tomatoes and basil
throw it all in a blender and blitz
meals for close on two weeks done
can be frozen for over a month

for us adults
fry the chicken in a frying pan with a touch of oil
cook the tomatoes with the basil and blend once cooked
pour the tomatoes over the chicken and serve with rice or pasta or chips or salad
i cheated i got the recipe off one of those frozen ready meals and mine come out better made it looked like i spent hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove when it actualy only took me less then ten minuites and i was told if i ever had a dinner party to serve that because it looked fancy well i wasnt going to tell them any different if my partner wants to think that i would spend hours slaving over a hot stove with a baby to look after he dont know me that well
well i hope this helps some mothers out there working or not because kids can be full time on there own

motherinferior Fri 20-Feb-04 08:23:03

Pesto. Very VERY easy and tastes as if you went to lots of trouble.

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