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Creme Fraiche

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SoupDragon Mon 16-Feb-04 19:41:14

Quick question... I opened a tub of creme fraiche about 10 days ago. It's still within it's use by date and smells and looks absolutely fine. There is no warning to "use within 3 days of opening".

Is is safe to stir into my goulash? I do have a new tub as well but I hate waste!

hoxtonchick Mon 16-Feb-04 19:48:53

Course it is! Well, I'd use it. It's only visible mould that makes me throw things away (reluctantly).

SenoraPostrophe Mon 16-Feb-04 19:52:28

yes it's fine - creme fraiche is part yoghurt so keeps longer than normal cream. Taste it first if you're worried - cream has a kind of bitter, sour tatse when off.

lydialemon Mon 16-Feb-04 19:54:19

I'd use it as well, its going to get cooked anyway!

SoupDragon Mon 16-Feb-04 20:00:01

I used it

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it's probably not OK to use CF 10 days after opening!

SoupDragon Mon 16-Feb-04 20:00:11


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