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Urgent slow cooker pulled pork question

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Coconutfeet Thu 12-Sep-13 11:46:01

I'm a complete novice at this as I don't eat red meat but I'm cooking pulled pork for the kids in the slow cooker. I've seasoned it and am ready to go but have a few questions:
Do I brown it first?
Do I put it in skinside up or down?
Add liquid or not?

dreamingofsun Thu 12-Sep-13 14:24:07

i don't bother browing anything except sausages. a lot of people put it in full fat coke, i just have it in by itself at the moment - its a pretty fat and tough cut. you could add stock - i often do but didnt have time this morning. it will need to be on all day - so if you want for your tea its pushing a bit - have on high.

are you adding BBQ sauce? If so I'd drain it first and get rid of fat(sorry this is prob too obvious)

doesn't matter which way up, though i sometimes turn stuff once during cooking - don't leave lid open as will lose all the heat and take ages to cook

Coconutfeet Thu 12-Sep-13 16:01:37

Thanks dreaming. That's all really useful. I'm pretty good with the slow cooker but it's my first time cooking pork.

I put it on at about 12 o'clock on low and went out so have just come back and seen your message and turned it up. It's a fairly small piece of meat - about a kilo with bone, as I wasn't sure if the children would like it or not. We might have to have fishfingers tonight if you don't think it'll be ready in time for tea. Presumably I'll know if it's done if it pulls apart? Smells good though!

I'm a bit unsure about the barbecue sauce. I think it'll be too much for ds 2 so may add it at the table. What do you normally serve it with?

secretscwirrels Thu 12-Sep-13 18:23:24

This is a regular here but I give it 4 hours in a proper oven so I think it would need much longer in a slow cooker.
When it's done I pour honey and soy sauce over and pop back in the over on a high heat for another 20 minutes.

secretscwirrels Thu 12-Sep-13 18:24:49

Just noticed it's on the bone. I usually get boned shoulder for this.

Coconutfeet Thu 12-Sep-13 19:44:43

Thanks Squirrels. The butcher recommended that cut to me. Actually I wonder if the bone helped it to cook quicker or something because it was done by about 5.30. Do you think boneless makes a big difference?

I shredded it and put it back in with some home made barbecue sauce for a bit. Honey and soy sounds a lot less faff actually. The children had to make do with fishfingers today, but I'll get their verdict tomorrow.

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