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What's the newest addition to your cooking repertoire?

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GetStuffezd Sat 07-Sep-13 17:45:41

As opposed to your tried and tested favourites?

Mine is tikka skewers. So simple! Chunks of chicken or turkey marinated in a Greek Yoghurt/Tikka paste mix - skewered onto sticks with whatever veg you have (currently courgette, mushroom and onion.)
I also did a little yoghurt, mint and cucumber dip which sets it off nicely and served it with spinach leaves. It was so good I had to stop half way through eating to tell you all grin
What are your new recipes?

TheSlug Sun 08-Sep-13 18:54:56

Bean enchilada. Chopped onion, softened with whatever veg is in the fridge (celery, peppers, carrots, etc) a tin of baked beans and whatever's in the cupboard so chickpeas/ kidney beans/ cannelini etc. tin of toms. Your favourite flavourings. Dh was telling people for about a week after about the 'mince' enchiladas I'd made...!

jimijack Sun 08-Sep-13 18:46:05

Vegetable & lentil soup done in my slow cooker.
Tis easy, nutritious, freezes well so make a huge batch and is gorgeous.

Made a funny lasagne out of leftover spag bol the other day, the plates were scraped clean.

LaVitaBellissima Sun 08-Sep-13 18:40:41

Slow cooked rabbit, so delicious and very cheap. Once cooked I remove all the meat and it is enough for 3 family meals.

£2.50 for a lovely prepped skinned wild rabbit, 3.5 hours in the slow cooker just with a little oil and seasoning. I made courgette, asparagus & rabbit risotto (for 4) and made a tomato and rabbit ragu, which I've frozen in 2 portions both enough to serve 4 with pasta!

moondog Sun 08-Sep-13 18:32:41

I made my own jerk marinade for pork chops t'other day and put them on the bbq.

snowlie Sun 08-Sep-13 18:28:25

Thai yellow curry made with shop bought paste and holy basil, tastes almost as good as the local Thai restaurant.

PoppyAmex Sun 08-Sep-13 10:17:08

I'm in Scotland and just discovered the wonder of Arbroath smokies. Oh my!

To eat directly from the parcel, make fish cakes, Cullen skink or risotto.

Smokiness heaven.

Novia Sun 08-Sep-13 09:03:40

Jam! I can't drive so walk everywhere with my pram and I've been collecting blackberries as I go around the lanes. Collected about a kilo so decided to make jam and it was ridiculously easy and delicious! Always thought it was difficult to make until I actually tried it! grin

SquidgyMummy Sun 08-Sep-13 08:57:25

I am a bit of a shortcut taker:

Chicken Chasseur - based on a packet mix but i add extra wine grin mushrooms and onions.

Also like the cook in oven bags, have been doing pork in morrocan spices and prunes, they seem to steam and come out really moist and juicy, then i add some cream into the bag to make a fab sauce.
Takes about 5 minutes to preapre and the oven does the rest. Zero washing up which is a bonus

Tiredtrout Sun 08-Sep-13 08:44:55

Proper bara brith, it's really easy, and it means there's home baked loveliness for lunch every day

Selks Sun 08-Sep-13 08:41:55

Pad Thai noodles. Very tasty indeed, will def make again.

SoupDragon Sun 08-Sep-13 08:40:50

Slow cooker Mexican pork carnitas. Didn't serve the pork as the recipe said but it was delicious and will be quite versatile in the ways it can be served. Has been added to my list of meals smile

pregnantpause Sun 08-Sep-13 08:37:47

Muffins. I am a terrible baker, but recently made dan leppards blueberry muffins (with wimberries not blueberries) and they were so easy and light I will be making many more. I love it when you try a recipe and know that it's a keeper, not because of just taste either, but all sorts of factors that influence a list of 'recipes to repeat'.

WetGrass Sat 07-Sep-13 22:37:11


But I can't bloody get it to work.

The first version split - and the second version (with extra cornflour) tastes grainy.

I'm going to lose the family to the bird forever at this rate

Toomanyworriedsonhere Sat 07-Sep-13 22:34:21

also like sound of tikka skewers - will try soon

Toomanyworriedsonhere Sat 07-Sep-13 22:25:34

three things from Hugh FW - chicken, plums and soy sauce - looked and tasted delicious - will def. become a regular dish

sharond101 Sat 07-Sep-13 22:23:22

We did a chicken and chorizo stew the other night and the next night some turkey mince and red peppers with red pesto mixed through served ontop of nachos which was yum.

MrsLettuce Sat 07-Sep-13 20:09:06

Not a meal but the most delicious dip for cheeses. 1 part espresso ground coffee mixed with 2 parts good honey. Sounds mad but works so, so well.

mrspaddy Sat 07-Sep-13 20:04:45

Mintyy Sat 07-Sep-13 20:04:11

I invented a sort of paella-ish thing which the dc love and have made it a couple more times.

Dry fry thick slices of chorizo and remove from pan. Soften a small chopped red pepper in the oil and cook gently for five or so minutes, adding a crushed clove of garlic for the last minute. Add plain easy cook white rice and stir to coat the grains. Then chicken stock and a little turmeric (or saffron if feeling flush), return the chorizo to the pan. Towards the end of rice cooking time add a handful of peas, fresh or frozen. When peas are cooked stir through a pack of large cooked prawns and allow to warm through.

Serve with a good squeeze of lemon and black pepper.

mrspaddy Sat 07-Sep-13 20:02:57

Nothing majorly exciting but discovered cooking bags...From Lakeland... Chops, Cajun and off you go.. No mess.. Tasty and juicy.

Maman Blanc's Pork Chops - pan fried to make a buttery gravy (really simple) and saute potatoes with herbs and garlic, yum.

LoganMummy Sat 07-Sep-13 20:00:21

Cassoulet - not an everyday dish but amazing for a treat!

DoItTooJulia Sat 07-Sep-13 19:58:58

Huevos rancheros. Not for every day, mind.

mrspremise Sat 07-Sep-13 19:57:50

Aloo gobi. Made it at lunchtime today using a recipe from a supermarket cookery card and it was fab. Definitely on the make-again list smile

GetStuffezd Sat 07-Sep-13 18:04:18

Mmmmm! Especially the chorizo feta thingy!

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