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What's the newest addition to your cooking repertoire?

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GetStuffezd Sat 07-Sep-13 17:45:41

As opposed to your tried and tested favourites?

Mine is tikka skewers. So simple! Chunks of chicken or turkey marinated in a Greek Yoghurt/Tikka paste mix - skewered onto sticks with whatever veg you have (currently courgette, mushroom and onion.)
I also did a little yoghurt, mint and cucumber dip which sets it off nicely and served it with spinach leaves. It was so good I had to stop half way through eating to tell you all grin
What are your new recipes?

moondog Sun 08-Sep-13 18:32:41

I made my own jerk marinade for pork chops t'other day and put them on the bbq.

LaVitaBellissima Sun 08-Sep-13 18:40:41

Slow cooked rabbit, so delicious and very cheap. Once cooked I remove all the meat and it is enough for 3 family meals.

£2.50 for a lovely prepped skinned wild rabbit, 3.5 hours in the slow cooker just with a little oil and seasoning. I made courgette, asparagus & rabbit risotto (for 4) and made a tomato and rabbit ragu, which I've frozen in 2 portions both enough to serve 4 with pasta!

jimijack Sun 08-Sep-13 18:46:05

Vegetable & lentil soup done in my slow cooker.
Tis easy, nutritious, freezes well so make a huge batch and is gorgeous.

Made a funny lasagne out of leftover spag bol the other day, the plates were scraped clean.

TheSlug Sun 08-Sep-13 18:54:56

Bean enchilada. Chopped onion, softened with whatever veg is in the fridge (celery, peppers, carrots, etc) a tin of baked beans and whatever's in the cupboard so chickpeas/ kidney beans/ cannelini etc. tin of toms. Your favourite flavourings. Dh was telling people for about a week after about the 'mince' enchiladas I'd made...!

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