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My DD keeps eating coal what can i do to stop it?

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Darciesmum Mon 19-Jun-06 12:17:33


My DD 14.5 months, loves eating the coal off our fireplace, all the blocks have chucks out of them where she loves to eat it.
She has a very healthy diet, no sugar as such, eats plenty of fruit and veg a day, so not sure what else to do, suggestions grateful please

YellowFeathers Mon 19-Jun-06 12:19:16

Have you got a fire guard? I would probably get one if not.

How about giving her some carrot sticks or making some ice lollies for her to satisfy the crunch craving?

welshmum Mon 19-Jun-06 12:19:46

No suggestions I'm afraid but just to add that ds is currently committed to eating stones and gravel, don't know what to do either. I know that he now thinks it's a good game though...sigh....

Darciesmum Mon 19-Jun-06 12:22:19

We have a fireguard its enough for her to pull out of the way tho, she is freakishly strong lol

Welshmum DD also has a thing for gravel but throwing it not eating it!

She doesn't like carrot but has got plenty of ice lollies so tried that, and doesn't seem to be working!

YellowFeathers Mon 19-Jun-06 12:23:16

Freakishly strong, lol

Is she still teething?

Darciesmum Mon 19-Jun-06 12:24:52

She has cut 2 more of her bottom teeth but i think more of the top ones are coming through but she won't let me have a look n see!!

Little Moomin that she is lol

SoupDragon Mon 19-Jun-06 12:24:54

Remove the coal.

charliecat Mon 19-Jun-06 12:26:10

Get the fireguard fixed to the wall as if she can pull it away to get coal she can pull it away to get burnt

Darciesmum Mon 19-Jun-06 12:28:28

we never have the fireplace on as good central heating is there for effect so she can never get burnt!!

charliecat Mon 19-Jun-06 12:29:09

ok, move the coal then

Darciesmum Mon 19-Jun-06 12:37:58

I'll have to i suppose, but i shouldn't have to move it i want her to learn not to touch, she doesn't touch ne thing else she knows shes not allowed to. she also knows she not allowed to touch the coal but she does.

Shes in her highchair at the moment eating a bowl of fresh peach and grapes

tissy Mon 19-Jun-06 12:40:24

fill the firebasket with pine cones or a vase of flowers. Ditch the coal!

Darciesmum Mon 19-Jun-06 17:09:48

bump for the evening ppl, ne more suggestions

cadbury Mon 19-Jun-06 17:15:56

My nana (who had 12 kids) had this problem with quite a few of them. She would keep one lump of coal sterilised and quickly hand it to the baby when they reached for the pile - for some reason (that I never got to the bottom of) this was better. Maybe that peice wasn't crumbly so it was less of a problem. I got the impression from her that it didn't do any of the kids any harm internally. But sadly I can't ask her now as she passed away in January - so many things I wanted to ask her

ScummyMummy Mon 19-Jun-06 17:35:30

Is it dangerous to eat coal? My son loved eating sand at that age. Harmless, if odd. If it's not going to do her any harm and you don't want to remove the coal you could just leave her to it perhaps.

sugarfree Mon 19-Jun-06 17:40:41

Just want to is real coal she's eating,not those coal effect block things.
Bizarrely,my reasoning is that real coal would be better for her than 'pretend' coal.Along the lines of the sugar/sweetners argument.
Real coal is just carbon isn't it?Like burnt toast?
Would you listen to my inane,rambling,wittering?
<slaps self>

nailpolish Mon 19-Jun-06 17:43:12

does eating coal not signify a lack of something or other? i remember a friend of mine eating coal while pg and the dr telling her she was deficient in carbon or something

the hv should be able to help, or chat to the dr

i dont think its dangerous

quanglewangle Mon 19-Jun-06 17:45:06

lol sugarfree.
So wean her on to burnt toast......

nailpolish Mon 19-Jun-06 17:46:32


so we are all hoping its real coal, i mean, should it not be organic?

sugarfree Mon 19-Jun-06 19:12:22

and rinsed in spring water?And at what age should one wean one's baby onto organic coal?

(OP,taking the p**s out of myself,not you )

Darciesmum Mon 19-Jun-06 19:27:19

we have a mixture of real and the crumbly stuff but she has a munch at both!

Sorry to hear your nana passed away Cadbury, i've spoken to the Hv and she said is something most ppl go through and not juts babies, its a lack of Iron deficency but she knows all about DD diet so knows not lacking in fruit n veg everyday. And it won't harm her in little bits.

Just want to know what to do to get her out of it!! lol

TooTicky Mon 19-Jun-06 19:39:41

Try giving her slightly burnt toast.

saffymum Tue 20-Jun-06 14:14:10

Sorry but I just think this is the funniest thing I have ever heard of, just move the coal! Or put something else in its place and bring it back at a later date when the obsession subsides. She might be so much more interested in it because you keep giving attention when she eats it.

sazhig Tue 20-Jun-06 14:20:08

At her age I wouldnt really expect her to understand why she shouldnt be touching or eating something she has access to. Move it or attach the fire guard to the wall - simplest solutions are the best ones at this age imo

Codmamma Tue 20-Jun-06 14:21:16

is it organic>

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