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Cookery Book Club September - Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros and any River Cafe book

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Pantah630 Fri 30-Aug-13 11:29:10

Think Tiger must be away so thought I'd better get this up, ready and waiting as August is disappearing fast.

I vow to be more productive in September, I have Falling Cloudberries and a River Cafe book Easy, though not enamoured of it so will check out the library for Red or Blue book. Any recommendations from either book please.

The souvlaki recipe from FC is very good.

snowlie Tue 03-Sep-13 19:45:58

Signing in for this month, failed to do much in August as too many visitors and holidays meant no experimenting and this month more holidays, although I do have cloudberries and the yellow and green river cafe books - so it would be pitiful not to attempt something.

pregnantpause Tue 03-Sep-13 20:24:37

Yay! Falling cloudberries has arrived, I take back my earlier slander of yodel (hmm, maybe, they're still not brilliant are they?) I really like it. IMO it's a beautiful book and I am excited to cook from it. I will definitely make the Finnish meatballs, potato pancakes (for Sunday brunch with smoked salmon), cinnamon and cardamom buns, and the youvetsi. I seem to be alone in my enthuse for this months books, but I'm really enjoying just meal planning from them. Can't wait to cook more.
River cafe blues, Pork in milk, with olive oil mash potatoes is planned for tomorrow.

Wearytiger Tue 03-Sep-13 21:28:57

Hi all I'm probably going to have to take a break this month as I have no time.... Working with two children at home does get a bit easier, right? I tell myself it will! So on theory I'll be back in the kitchen from next month...

I don't want to neglect the thread though so did we decide next month's books?

Pantah630 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:38:03

I don't think so tiger what do you fancy for October?

pregnantpause Wed 04-Sep-13 19:12:49

Mmmm, just finished another river cafe blue meal
The pork loin cooked in milk and lemon- I wasn't sure about this as it cooked and the descriptive (a curdled sauce) put me off. But the DC picked it out. It was actually very tender and delicious. I've never made pork so tender in fact. The sauce was nice in a tiny, wee, little portion. But somewhat odd to me and a little sweeter than I like savoury food to be. DC shunned it altogether.

Mash made with olive oil and parmesan- this was dh choice from the book, and at first I sort of felt, well- I make a lovely buttery tasty mash with no recipe already! But plough on I did. And glad I did too. The olive oil really made the meal Italian, and made a nice change to my mash. Dh raved about it.

A very successful meal all in all.

ELR Fri 06-Sep-13 17:17:45

Why don't we take a break from a cook books and do a magazine?Sainsbury magazine is £1.60 and usually has a few good recipes, so cheap for everyone.

Cantdothisagain Fri 06-Sep-13 18:53:20

The magazine idea is great! Agree on Sainsburys. I like the Waitrose one too but Sainsburys should be easy for everyone to get hold of. Or Good Food.

glorious Fri 06-Sep-13 19:10:31

Yes I like the magazine idea too. Any of those suggestions would suit me. I also know people who get one called Olive but haven't looked at it myself.

We could also do another blog if anyone knows any good ones. I only follow baking ones so perhaps not after DL grin

ELR Fri 06-Sep-13 19:14:37

Great a food mag and a blog sounds good. I used to get olive but lost interest, I then had delicious but again got bored the Sainsbos one is the only one I buy every month because its so cheap! Will google for food blogs...

Pantah630 Sat 07-Sep-13 07:51:56

I love Good Food magazine and some months can cook quite a lot from it. How about we pick two, Good Food can be picked up in any supermarket/shop plus the supermarket mag that you shop at?

HuevosRancheros Sat 07-Sep-13 08:15:20

Ooh, I'd love to do a magazine or two! I never buy them these days, so it will be a real treat and not break the bank....even if I don't make much from it, at least I won't have splashed out on a book that languishes in the bookcase <glares at Silver Spoon and River Cafe Green>


HuevosRancheros Sat 07-Sep-13 08:21:30

As for blogs, I only follow a few...
Smitten Kitchen, but you've already done her book
101 cookbooks, beautiful but a bit Healthy grin
Recipe Rifle is probably my favourite read, but I rarely make much of hers, just like reading it. Lots of good stuff in there though

LovingKent Sat 07-Sep-13 12:03:56

I love the idea of a magazine or two or blog. Haven't bought a magazine in ages so it would be a good excuse grin.

I follow various food blogs (mostly baking). I'll list the lot below. The ones that are predominantly baking do have other recipes on them although you might have to search through their sites. Most of the baking ones have been contestants on the Great British Bake Off.


A Girl Called Jack cooking on a budget, have yet to try anything as only recently started following this.
Azelias Kitchen have only baked her banana cake and it was the best one I have ever tasted.
La Difference Catering Dor runs a catering business in Cheshire and blogs her recipes
Sumptuous Spoonfuls American, delicious recipes but the American ingredients and cup measurements take a bit of getting used to.
The Skint Foodie also budget but with more high end ingredients than Jack

Predominantly baking

Jo's Blue Aga Not done a lot of Jo's recipe but her peanut butter and choc chips cookies are delicious.
Recipes from a Normal Mum her biscuit recipes are fab, not tried much else
Sams Kitchen Again lovely biscuit recipes, wonderful photography
The Caked Crusader Only cooked a few things from this one as her cakes are massive and would find it hard to either get through it or offload that amount!
The Pink Whisk probably my favourite as has step by step instructions for everything. Everything I've done has turned out really well.

Phew think that's the lot. As you can tell I like baking and cooking grin

ELR Sat 07-Sep-13 14:28:48

Ooh forgot about the good food mag I like that too!
lovingkent thanks for mentioning the skint foodie blog!! I used to read that all the time but couldn't remember what it was called have been googling on and off for the last year trying to find it!! It's not really the recipes I liked but the writing syle and story that went with each recipe. I do like some of the recipes though.
Quite like this blog

maniacbug Sat 07-Sep-13 21:48:47

September greetings to all... Not cooked a thing from this month's books yet, and won't be doing River Cafe as our library don't have them and I am still working my way through the Aug books. I do have Cloudberries open and ready to go, though. I've only cooked one thing from there in the four years I've had the book: cinnamon and cardamom buns, which were really and truly delicious. You won't regret it pregnant! You do need to set aside a couple of hours, though, and they are best eaten fresh - although having said that a Swedish friend was round the other day and said that her mum usually makes 100 at a time (because the recipe is such a faff) and freezes most of them, then reheats straight from frozen.

I finally got all my cookbooks out of storage - all 147 of them - and decided to embark on a ruthless cull. Three hours later the pile for the charity shop contained a grand total of TWO. Fortunately they all fit on my new kitchen bookshelves - with room to spare, hurrah! But I am on a self-imposed new cookbook ban for the rest of the year so am all for the magazine idea for Oct. Nowhere near a Sainsbury's, though... are the recipes available online? I usually pick up the Waitrose mag and was surprised this month that not one single thing appeals.
Don't follow any cookery blogs so happy to be guided by others' suggestions.
(Will also hopefully be more in the mood for cooking this month once school finally starts again on Monday; am officially At the End of My Tether with the DCs!)

Cantdothisagain Sat 07-Sep-13 22:06:17

I agree that this month the Waitrose mag doesn't appeal much... Not sure why as the last few have been fab!

maniacbug Mon 09-Sep-13 14:50:22

Made the long-simmered veal with cream + dill from Falling Cloudberries yesterday (with pork fillet instead of veal); was nice enough and easy to have simmering away on the hob for a few hours, but I needed to add salt. Stirred a few chopped gherkins through too, which helped to lift it. Would probably do again.

Oven-baked fish with tomato and parsley just gone in the oven for tonight. Took max 15 mins prep, perfect for a school night. Hope it turns out OK...

I've realised why I struggle with this book. Leafing through it I see plenty of recipes I want to try, but I find the idea of grouping recipes by country a bit frustrating. Obviously I realise it makes sense on the one hand, but if I am looking for a main course idea I don't really want to have to search through the entire book for it. I find it illogical to have e.g. watermelon jam followed by garlic bread, or cranberry ice cream followed by dolmades. (This is probably also why I have not used Jamie Does Spain/Italy/Greece much at all either.) And the 'suitcase of recipes' at the end is frankly a bit too random for my liking! Must confess I also find the chapter intros a bit, um... twee. But maybe that's just me. Nevertheless, I will persevere in the spirit of the thread! I do like the look of the prawns with feta and will be making the toffee apple cake at some point this week.

Anyone got any recommendations from Cloudberries?

pregnantpause Mon 09-Sep-13 16:13:57

Manic- don't buy Tessa kiros apples for jam- in that her order is more infuriating, it's chapters are set in colours. So,red food first, yellow food second and so on grin

pregnantpause Tue 10-Sep-13 12:13:11

I made the potato pancakes on Sunday with smoked salmon and poached eggs- they needed salt, but were a definite hit with the family. They need to be made on a relaxed, non rushing day, as the prep takes a while, but worth it IMO.

IsletsOfLangerhans Tue 10-Sep-13 12:24:00

I've had the Falling Cloudberries book for years and love the recipes. My two favourites are Ludi's Chicken and the Baked Butter beans.

Ludi's chicken is easy to prepare and is absolutely delicious. I make a stock with the carcass - it makes a lovely base for certain soups (e.g. cauliflower) as it will have some of the mustard seeds left in.

The Baked butter beans are gorgeous - I now cheat by using tinned ones, but it tastes the same to me (have tried both dried and tinned). It's one of those dishes which has humble ingredients but takes on magical qualities once cooked smile

pregnantpause Tue 10-Sep-13 14:26:01

Islets- I'm glad you've mentioned those- they are post ited (I know post ited is a terrible term) and I wasn't sure what of the many post it recipes to make this weekend, I'll give them both a go nowsmile .

Lomaamina Tue 10-Sep-13 20:08:57

Hello all. I've been lurking for a while. I just bought the Sainsbury's magazine hoping that'll be the one you choose and it came with a lovely free bar of Divine chocolate.

LovingKent Wed 11-Sep-13 14:52:42

Glad to help with Skint Foodie elr. Shall have a look at your recommendation smile.
Did we decide on a particular magazine or blog for Oct?

pregnantpause Wed 11-Sep-13 18:34:23

I like the skint foodie blog and a girl called jack, largely because I only have access to the internet on my phone and both mobile formats are good. I would prefer good food magazine as I live far from any supermarkets, but the newsagent does good food. I could ask mil to send Sainsburys magazine to me as I know due gets it.

That was more indecision really wasn't it? Sorrysmile

I made cloudberry youvseti last night, with less lamb than suggested (400g), less pasta than suggested (225g) and only 400g tomato. It easily fed four hungry people IMO, and was delicious. The end result was very homely, quite simple food. I would make it again, perhaps being generous with pepper and adding the suggested fried cubes of halloumI or feta. The DC adored the tomatoey cheesy pasta--ness of it and ate like rabid wolves though, so in their opinion it needed no improvinggrin

pregnantpause Wed 11-Sep-13 18:38:42

She gets it.
And the newsagent stocks good food magazine- they don't offer any food to be deemed goodwink (chicken on a stick comes to mind)

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