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How i get my children to eat there dinner

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Festivefly Wed 11-Feb-04 17:08:21

When my children won't eat i put there food in box, with a toy, and then they eat it. It truly works

dinosaur Wed 11-Feb-04 17:19:51

FF it works with mine too...but only if the food in the box is from McDonalds

SoupDragon Wed 11-Feb-04 17:20:08

Do you think shepherd's pie is too messy for this?

dinosaur Wed 11-Feb-04 17:22:35

the lumps should stay in, even if the gravy dribbles out...

or is it only me who makes lumpy mince and lumpy mashed potatoes

Festivefly Wed 11-Feb-04 17:24:24

I use a plastic bag for Shepherds pie

dinosaur Wed 11-Feb-04 17:25:38

What about soup? What do you use for that?

lilibet Wed 11-Feb-04 17:25:47


Is THAT what I'm supposed to be doing??


Festivefly Wed 11-Feb-04 17:29:48

I freeze soup on a stick, it makes a wonderfull lollipop. Also fun and nutritious

twiglett Wed 11-Feb-04 17:32:05

message withdrawn

Festivefly Wed 11-Feb-04 17:34:43

When my children are in bed i stick a toy in my box it truly works

twiglett Wed 11-Feb-04 17:35:51

message withdrawn

Festivefly Wed 11-Feb-04 17:37:23

So am i

pie Wed 11-Feb-04 17:39:55


august24 Wed 11-Feb-04 17:40:22

I think Festivefly should be voted mumsnet funniest poster! I am laughing so hard and I am all alone with my laptop!

dinosaur Wed 11-Feb-04 17:41:07

ooh you are awful!

beetroot Wed 11-Feb-04 17:48:55

Message withdrawn

sunchowder Wed 11-Feb-04 22:33:49


handlemecarefully Thu 12-Feb-04 09:05:51

FF - you're outrageous!

Evita Thu 12-Feb-04 21:55:08

where can I get one of these boxes from?

Festivefly Thu 12-Feb-04 21:58:57

They sell them in stationary shops, or the cash and carry for catering, noodle boxes

Mummysurfer Thu 12-Feb-04 22:08:19

Is it a toy rabbit you put in your box?

Evita Fri 13-Feb-04 11:09:52

So, if I get one of these boxes of which you speak so highly, will it make me as happy as it does you if I put a toy in it?

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