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quick question about fairy cakes

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Cha Mon 09-Feb-04 22:00:27

Do you need a special baking tray to put them on when they go in the oven? Only the last time (and the first time actually) I attempted them, they all spilled out of their little cases and I had some interesting 'biscuits' to show my unimpressed dd. She was not fooled for one minute, especially as these 'biscuits' had strange strips of paper that you had to chew round before ingesting.
Trying to be a good mother here.

Coddy Mon 09-Feb-04 22:02:14

yes a bun tin

marthamoo Mon 09-Feb-04 22:02:46

Yes, you really need a patty tin - with little depressions to put the cases in. Also don't overfill (or underfill!) Trial and error really

Coddy Mon 09-Feb-04 22:03:23

liek this one fill it half full

lydialemon Mon 09-Feb-04 22:04:09

Yes you do, but god knows what they are called! 'Muffin' trays or something, any reasonable supermarket will do them - its a baking tray with 12 dips/holes (?) in it. Making cakes is good , you can lick the bowl out, beating off kiddies with the spoon!

popsycal Mon 09-Feb-04 22:04:59

tesco and asda sell them dirt cheap....good if you burn lots of things and cant get the gunk off.....

Coddy Mon 09-Feb-04 22:07:06

muffin trays too big

marthamoo Mon 09-Feb-04 22:08:15

It's a patty tin (Argos, Woolies, Tesco) Don't lick the spoon!!! Salmonella from raw eggs - oh, kids these days have no fun at all

Coddy Mon 09-Feb-04 22:08:47

mine are still alive 24 tins later!

lydialemon Mon 09-Feb-04 22:09:52

Life is too short not to eat cake mix.

Cha Mon 09-Feb-04 22:22:05

Jeez - I just wrote a question, breastfed 5 month ds back to sleep and came back and voila - you lovely ladies have done it again. So impressed! And even to have found a picture of one on the net! Shall get myself to woolies tomorrow, armed with this knowledge. Thanks. Though buying a pattie tin does not mean I will produce delightfully springy fairy cakes - I am just as likely to open the oven to peculiarly eggy biscuits...

lydialemon Mon 09-Feb-04 22:29:08

Cha, best way to make fairy cakes, forget all that creaming together malarkey, bung it all in a bowl and use an electric mixer on it for at least 10 minutes - it needs to go white and fluffy.
Good luck for next time

WideWebWitch Mon 09-Feb-04 22:44:37

Cha, Nigella recommends making fairy cakes using a mixer, they're really easy, taste great and take 2 mins. Will see if I can find where I posted the recipe.

WideWebWitch Mon 09-Feb-04 22:48:30

Ok, it's been archived but you should be able to read it here

Welshmum Tue 10-Feb-04 11:15:03

Can I recommend the paper cases as a plaything for small persons. DD (nearly 22 months) played with some for half an hour allowing me to make Nigella's almond cake for a grown up supper. I let her put the 6 eggs in - she's fascinated by eggs.

Cha Wed 11-Feb-04 17:55:19

WWW - does a hand held wizzer count as a food mixer? It's all my ill equipped kitchen has. Welshmum - agree - my dd prefered the cases to the making of the cakes. Then, of course, she had to eat them later...

Crunchie Wed 11-Feb-04 18:00:54

Yes it does!! Bung all the stuff in a bowl and whizz until light and fluffy Or you can cream butter and sugar, add eggs then flour, it is up to you. In a way the 2nd method is slightly easier with a hand held mixer

WideWebWitch Wed 11-Feb-04 18:10:19

yeah I reckon it does too.

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