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Bloody marrows.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 27-Jul-13 17:01:16

Dh reckons I should be grateful that we have such a bounty. I got a bit muddled with my seedlings and one of my plants I thought would be a squash turned out to be a courgette plant. It turns out that this year two courgette plants is too much for the ordinary family.

So I have umpty million courgettes and 3 giant marrows. Two of which are as big as my upper legs. I know that I'm going to have to start sticking them on a table outside the house soon and offering them to the neighbours for free but experience tells me they will be in similar positions and nobody will want them.

So, marrow and courgette recipes......

Our recipe for tonight is lentil stuffed marrow.
Cook some red lentils. Soften onion, garlic and red pepper in another pan. Then add tomatoes and herbs and simmer until it drys out a bit. Mix lentils and veg together.
Remove seeds from marrow. Bake for half an hour. Stuff with veg. Top with cheese and basil. Oven for 15 minutes or so.

That will feed us for two meals. (Can I freeze half?)

Any more suggestions please? Especially ones where I can freeze half of it

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 28-Jul-13 12:24:48

They look great! And they use up 3 courgettes which is a really good start.

MousyMouse Sun 28-Jul-13 12:29:05

freeze them in portions?
I love marrows/courgettes I would happily take a few of you...

ArtisanLentilWeaver Sun 28-Jul-13 13:08:15

Nigel slater's courgette cake plus courgettes in dill and cream sauce.

I have courgette envy. envy
My plant has two tiny courgettes the size of an Ikea pencil. What is the secret to marrows the size of a young hippo?

Madamecastafiore Sun 28-Jul-13 13:15:36

Courgette and chorizo pasta is yummy.

Just fry chorizo and the add courgette and then a tomato based sauce and some cooked pasta and lots of parmesan - very quick, easy cheap and yummy.

Veggie Chilli and Veggie Bolognaise always has lots of courgette in too in our house, ooohhh and Minestrone soup which is a good thing to have in the freezer, serve with lashings of grated parmesan and crusty bread (is a good enough filling meal for DH who normally insists there is meat somewhere on his plate.

Madamecastafiore Sun 28-Jul-13 13:17:44

Oooohhh and stuffed courgettes. Slice long ways, hollow out and make a dry bolognaise mixture (no passata or tinned toms, use puree instead)with loads of veg and the insides of the courgettes and then stuff, top with cheese and bake.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 28-Jul-13 16:05:31

minestrone soup is a great idea, especially as we are going to be having a tomato glut soon. (probably when we go on holiday hmm )

deleted203 Sun 28-Jul-13 18:49:28

Made the courgette and feta cakes tonight and they were GORGEOUS!

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 28-Jul-13 20:38:02

I was lazy and did the courgettes in butter and black pepper. Was very nice.

ThePskettiIncident Mon 29-Jul-13 07:57:23

I'm making courgette, bean and pea frittata with my harvest today.

I'm very tempted by the muffins too!

Glad you liked the simple courgettes with butter.. It's very yummy!

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 29-Jul-13 07:59:28

Tonight it will be courgette fritters with left over roast grin

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 29-Jul-13 08:03:27

Artisan, I have no idea. Last year was a dismal failure and we got nothing.
This year I think the heat really helped. I'm trying the 3 sisters method of growing it and its working really well. Sweetcorn with beans growing up it and in between squash, courgettes and cucumber. Only thing is that the beans are busy tying everything together and getting a bit hard to get into the middle to harvest.

LadybirdsAreFab Mon 29-Jul-13 08:13:48

My MIL left me in charge of her garden one year when she went oh holiday and told us to eat what we wanted. We tried our best but she came back to lots and lots of courgettes and marrows.

She made this and my FIL loved it.

ArtisanLentilWeaver Mon 29-Jul-13 13:35:57

I have bought a courgette for Nigel's cake recipe and it is in the oven, baking. smile

<wags bought courgette at sulky courgette plants>

greenhill Mon 29-Jul-13 13:42:36

I made courgette and potato soup for lunch and the DC wolfed it down. The extra ingredients were an onion, veg stock and nutmeg.

I also make potato and courgette patties: grate the veg, bind with an egg, season with nutmeg or cumin, fry lightly in sunflower oil and serve with salsa (to get rid of your tomato glut)

moonbells Mon 29-Jul-13 13:47:04


TerribleTantrums Mon 29-Jul-13 13:47:13

One of my favourite dishes is matchstick courgette fried in olive oil with finely chopped red chilli and crumbled leftover black pudding (it needs to have been previously cooked as fresh black pudding is too gooey). When cooked stir into pasta.

frenchfancy Mon 29-Jul-13 16:15:38

I never eat the marrows. The baby courgettes taste si much better so I cut the big ones and feed them to the chickens.

Thanks for the reminder about feta and courgette scones. I did them last year and the kids loved them.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 30-Jul-13 19:23:46

yay - more recipes!

It is becoming a family challenge grin

last night dh did not like the fritters so much so I finished them for lunch.

Tonight was marrow stuffed with garlic mushrooms and cheese on top.

Made courgette cake for dh to take to work tomorrow. He declined the offer of me griddling some courgettes with olive oil and herbs to stuff into pitta sad I think it would have been nice.

deleted203 Tue 30-Jul-13 20:53:35 we had the courgette and bacon tagliatelle last night and it was absolutely fabulous. Even my two fussiest eaters (who will never, not ever eat a vegetable, especially a green one) wolfed it down and wanted seconds.

Agree with Taffeta that even courgette loathers will like it wink

Capitola Tue 30-Jul-13 20:57:27

We grow and love courgettes - any which way. Especially the flowers, stuffed and deep fried.

But marrows? Ugh.

Mil often presents us with them. We hide them at the bottom of our brown bin.

Taffeta Wed 31-Jul-13 18:50:43

grin @ sowornout we had it again tonight, fussy eater DS had thirds! <unheard of>

moonbells Wed 31-Jul-13 22:44:55

Love marrow braised for an hour or two in the oven, just seeded, cut in cubes, put in layers in lidded casserole with salt and pepper, and dotted with butter. It caramelises quite a bit (expect some edge browning on top layer) and is especially yummy with runner beans for some reason.

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