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What do you eat on hot days?

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emkana Tue 06-Jun-06 20:50:16

In these temperatures I just don't fancy anything too heavy -
so yesterday we had pasta with roast veg and today we had home-made potato salad and chicken legs -
what could I do tomorrow, if I'm still here?

LucyJones Tue 06-Jun-06 20:51:30

cold pasta salad is nice. or cold meats, cheese and salad

Twiglett Tue 06-Jun-06 20:51:38

big hot curry, bottle of gin, rampant sex

blueteddy Tue 06-Jun-06 20:52:14

Message withdrawn

ComeOVeneer Tue 06-Jun-06 20:52:16

Nicoise salad?

emkana Tue 06-Jun-06 20:53:12

Oh please, twiglett - do I have to do the sex bit? <shudder>

emkana Tue 06-Jun-06 20:54:05

any good recipes for pasta salad?

LucyJones Tue 06-Jun-06 20:55:03

we like pasta, tuna, sweetcorn and mayo. Sometimes add mushrooms and broccoli and if feeling piggy grated cheese. Nice hot or cold

tracyk Tue 06-Jun-06 20:55:33

sweetcorn and chicken? flaked salmon and avacado? prawns?

Twiglett Tue 06-Jun-06 21:04:21

salmon fillets poached with black peppercorn, lemon and bay leafs

big pasta shells

flake salmon into pasta mix in big tub of full fat natural yogurt and a huge big squirt of those chives you can get in tubes .. season and pop in the fridge

its absolutely delicious and really easy .. great with a green salad

Mercy Tue 06-Jun-06 21:10:29

Omelette and salad is always good in summer

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