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help with shopping and meal planning

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 15-Jul-13 11:15:25

Sounds like your kids are being fussy and need taking in hand smile. If you are working almost full time, is DH sharing the cooking too?

Its a shame you don't like shepherds pie as there is a great 7 day meal plan here. I suppose you could substitute the cottage pie for another favourite. I wouldn't worry too much about one DC not liking roast dinners, mine just get served the food and if they are hungry they have to eat it as there's nothing else coming their way. Dd would quite happily eat just MacDonalds every night if given the choice so we don't let her choose grin

crazykat Mon 15-Jul-13 07:56:19

Can you batch make meals for the kids? Lasagne/bolognese sauce freezes well as does mince for shepherds pie and curry. If its a bit dry when you heat it just add a little water.

You can make lasagne less fatty by using lean steak mince, dry fry it and remove the little bit of fat that comes out when frying. It's more expensive but as there's less fat that comes out you get left with more meat. Using white sauce instead of cheese sauce cuts down a lot of fat/calories from it. If the kids like cheese just sprinkle some grated cheese over their part ten minutes before its done to melt it.

tiredmummy33 Mon 15-Jul-13 07:43:32

im spendig a fortune on food shopping at the moment and need some help! im doing slimming world so am eating a lot of salads with things like prawns smoked salmon etc. hubby is allergic to these.
my two kids love things like lasagna, shepherds pie, pasta, curry. hubby and i dont like shepherds pie and i cant really have a fatty cheesy lasagna. my kids are tiny so i like them to have full fat products in their food. my daughter loves roast dinners son doesnt. he loves beams she doesnt. hubby likes to have a lot of food a lot of choice and a big proper dinner. i work almosf full time but am struggling to cater fof all of us without spending loads. in the week i only have to cook for kids on two days.

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