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How do you cook rice in a microwave?

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Frieda Tue 06-Jun-06 14:30:32

Does anyone know?

We're temporarily without a cooker, so any tasty microwaveable recipes that don't include ready-made meals (trying to save cash too ) will be gratefully received.


Micku5 Tue 06-Jun-06 14:55:30

IF you are using basmati rice then the easiest way to remember is one cup of rice to one and a half cups of water. then put in a microwavable dish for 17 minutes.. should be all nice and fluffy.

megglevache Tue 06-Jun-06 14:58:09

Message withdrawn

saadia Tue 06-Jun-06 15:21:52

I also use one cup Basmati rice to one and a half cups of water. Put in microwave in open top container for 11 mins, take out and stir around then put lid on and put back in microwave for another three mins.

Frieda Tue 06-Jun-06 17:41:40

Oooh, thanks you lot. That sounds great

Tinker Tue 06-Jun-06 18:06:14

Put in dish, put boiling water on top so an inch over. Micro for 6 minutes 40 seconds precisely

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