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Veggie, healthy, non-spicy, cheap - is this a recipe you know and love?

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RubyrooUK Thu 11-Jul-13 21:15:51

So, my dad and stepmum are coming tomorrow to stay for four days. Both are veggie. My stepmum's teenage sister is also coming. She used to be very overweight and is no longer so now likes to eat an extremely healthy diet.

DH and I love veggie food and DS1 attends a veggie nursery. So no problems there. However, we tend to eat very, very spicy veggie food and my stepmum doesn't like anything spicy. I can't actually make anything without chilli.

So can anyone help me with recipes that are:

Reasonably healthy

Oh, and cheap, as I'm on maternity leave with a 4mo and feeding five adults and a toddler for four nights will cost me a fair chunk.

So, I'm just asking for the moon on a stick. As long as that moon is veggie, non-spicy, healthy, cheap and delicious.......any recipe ideas?

RubyrooUK Thu 11-Jul-13 21:52:06

Shameless bumping

TotemPole Thu 11-Jul-13 22:08:25

What do they normally eat?

Drladybird Thu 11-Jul-13 22:09:38

Lots of inspiration over here....What about: Moroccan carrot and chickpea stew or Jerk chickpeas? Both could be served with rice or cous cous, to keep the costs down you could buy some dried chickpeas and cook a big batch (preferably in a pressure cooker to speed up the process) and freeze whatever you don't use.

Also, a nice sociable meal that I like to make is this Chocolate and black bean chilli served with wraps and other bits so people can help themselves and make their own wrap up to their liking (so can be as healthy as each one likes)...
Hope that's helpful.

magicstars Thu 11-Jul-13 22:10:53

I love a melanzane (sp?)... Fried Aubergines layered with tomatoes & cheese on top, lasagne style & oven baked. To make it more interesting I like to add olives to the tomato (with onion & garlic) & use feta cheese as well as mozzarella & cheddar. Could you use light cheese? And make a big salad so the dieter can have a smaller portion.
How about a mild veg curry? Using lentils, butter beans, aubergines, paneer to make it filling. I read (prob on here) about using grated cauliflower instead of rice for lower cals.
Home made veggie pizzas with light cheese.
Fajitas (think you can get an extra mild version) & skip the jalapeños...
Or spag Bol using quorn mince (quorn being v low in fat).
bbq'd veg kebabs with a bit of halloumi cheese... Lovely with tzatziki (sp?)
Home made houmous with wraps & crudités?

porolli Thu 11-Jul-13 22:12:41

Veg shepherds pie, with a puy lentil base (with carrots/onion/peppers to bulk out), topped with cheesy mashed potato

TotemPole Thu 11-Jul-13 22:13:15

You could make a veggie bolognese with quorn mince.

You could do tacos, though not too cheap by the time you've added all the extras. Do a quorn or refried beans filling for the veggies, you could also do a beef mince for the non veggies. One lot of salad and taco shells. A choice of mild and hot salsa to suit everyone.

PyroclasticFlo Thu 11-Jul-13 22:16:07

Risotto - with whatever veg is cheap and available e.g. Spinach, broad beans etc

Pasta with pesto and rocket

Pasta with tomato and roasted aubergine sauce

Pasta with mushroom, spinach and low fat creme fraiche

Pizza with mushrooms and black olives

Brown and wild rice salad with lentils and chick peas and roasted veg (peppers, butternut squash, courgette)

All easy to cook, cheap, veggie and not spicy. HTH smile

Dilidali Thu 11-Jul-13 22:21:11

Pasta with garlic and herbs cheese.

Slice a few sweet potatoes, like when you make a dauphinois. Layes the sweet potatoes, with knobs of butter in between each layer. The top layer is just onions and grated cheese on top. Put on the oven with a foil over the top, so you don't burn the cheese and onions. Halfway through remove the foil so the cheese can get some colour.

Beans from a tin, onions, toms, oil and vinegar, throw together, makes a nice salad for hot evenings. I have a breadmaker, put some warm bread next to the salad, always wins points.
Fruit for salad, just chop whatever you have.

RubyrooUK Thu 11-Jul-13 22:21:21

Ah great ideas! Thank you all. I will study these before my supermarket trip in the morning.


sharond101 Thu 11-Jul-13 22:22:00

cheese and bean enchiladas
stuffed peppers
baked tortilla baskets with salad, goats cheese and caramelized onions

gingerpinz Thu 11-Jul-13 22:29:46

Shakshuka? Basically eggs cooked in a tomato sauce with onions & peppers. You can easily add chilli for those that want and serve with green salad & crusty bread to keep everyone happy.

BlueEyeshadow Thu 11-Jul-13 22:32:53

We just had a pearl barley baked risotto with courgettes, aubergines, mushrooms, broad beans and spinach, with feta crumbled on the top. Was lovely. Fried the veg (except the beans and spinach) first then chucked in a couple of handfuls of barley, covered it with stock and baked it for an hour or so in a lowish oven.

RubyrooUK Thu 11-Jul-13 22:37:54

I am now starving and off to the kitchen. Thank you all again.

magicstars Thu 11-Jul-13 22:50:06

Briques a l'oeuf are yummy.
Mashed potato mixed with chopped black olives & egg. Wrapped in Filo pastry, rolled into spring roll shapes or folded into parcels & fried. You may be able to bake them for a healthier option... I'm hungry now too!

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