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Jazzing up, please!

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Vibbe Thu 11-Jul-13 15:07:06

I like these two dishes a lot at the moment:
Spicy chicken, mango & jalapeño salad
Mexican salad with tortilla croutons
Just add chicken to the last one.

If it's a whole chicken, you can stuff it with herbs, salt, pepper and a lemon, as well as rubbing the outside of the chicken with the herbs, salt and pepper. Can use it in sandwiches/pitta, salads, or just have it with a salad, new potatoes or whatever you like.

You could also make something like Braised chicken chasseur

Honey mustard chicken with herb salad is also nice.

This is also nice: Mustard-stuffed chicken

You can also make baked crispy chicken, which is chicken breast cut into bite sized pieces, marinated, then coated in seasoned flour, then coated in egg and lastly covered in crushed cornflakes with herbs, salt and pepper. Baked until done.

ali23 Thu 11-Jul-13 14:52:00

I've defrosted chicken for tonight's tea but no idea what to do with it. Had initially planned on making a curry but all-day heartburn has put me off that idea.
Have some lovely salad, but don't fancy just grilled chicken. Any ideas what I can do to make it a tasty and exciting?
Thanks smile.

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