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Good meal ideas for 10 month old please

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Tigerlion Mon 05-Jun-06 18:21:15

Looking for inspiration for fun and unbland meals for my 10 month old DS. Do you give your main meals at lunch or at dinner?

Medulla Mon 05-Jun-06 18:24:58

My DS is 11 months and I tend to feed him his main meal at lunchtime as he gets very tired in the evening and if I am running late I've had it!!! I made him a really nice chicken casserole the other day with butternut squash which tasted lovely (might make it for the rest of the family) and another one with cinnamon which smelled and tasted really nice. I struggle with teatime inspiration for him as he's allergic to egg. I find steamed veg so boring!!!

CorrieDale Tue 06-Jun-06 20:39:33

DS is also 11 months. I give him his main meal at night so we can all eat together. So he eats what we have! Not at lunchtime though when it's soup and bread or rice cakes, cottage cheese and a dip. We have pasta at night a lot! Sometimes tortelloni, sometimes ordinary pasta. Also veg curry, home made oven chips, lentils or veg made into fingers and roasted, potato cakes, roast veg. Sweetcorn fritters are a huge favourite (fattening though so DH adn I don't like to have them too often).

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