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At what age can you offer peanuts as a snack and peanut butter sandwiches?

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99redballoons Mon 05-Jun-06 16:23:16

Ds is 3 this month and haven't offered peanuts as a snack yet, nor peanut butter. He's not shown any aversion to other seeds and nuts. I'm sure he's probably had peanuts in the past, eg. cakes, biscuits. I know they can be a choking hazzard and he does talk with his mouth full which always sends him spluttering at some point.

What's the best age to introduce peanuts?

WigWamBam Mon 05-Jun-06 16:36:07

It's recommended not to give whole peanuts until they're 5, because of the choking risk. Otherwise it should be fine to try him with things like peanut butter now.

hotmama Mon 05-Jun-06 16:43:04

WWB is right about not giving whole nuts to under 5's because of the choking risk.

As long as there isn't an allergy you should be O.K. with peanut butter after 1. My dd1 is 20 months and regularly has peanut butter on toast.

misdee Mon 05-Jun-06 16:43:07

if you have no history of allergies in the family then proceeding now with peanut butter would be ok.

99redballoons Mon 05-Jun-06 18:05:57

Thanks for the whole nuts advice. Will wait till he's nearer 5.

We have asthma and milk allergies in the family but no nut allergies. Neither of my two appear to have any food allergies at the moment (3yo and 7mo) and neither do their cousins. And as I mentioned I'm sure he's had them in flapjack and musli etc so I'm hoping no reaction!

Thanks again

99redballoons Mon 05-Jun-06 18:07:05

I've left it so long to introduce peanut butter fickle him will probably not like it

(will not offer to baby!)

TheHun Mon 05-Jun-06 18:10:57

if you do go ahead make sure you are prepared for a reaction. I gave dd peanut butter and she reacted badly, I was on my own and had to call 999 for an ambulance. She has a confirmed peanut allerg.y I should have had dh with me or if you want to be really cautious try a peanut butter sandwich in A&E hospital car park - drastic but you'll be near help. dd reacted within a couple of minutes.

99redballoons Tue 06-Jun-06 11:20:56

Gosh TheHun. Thanks for that info. I hope your dd was not affected too badly. What sort of reaction can happen?

treacletart Tue 06-Jun-06 11:44:42

Im sure I read somewhere that Nigella Lawson fed her kids peanut butter for the first time in the doctors waiting room so she could be in the right place if anything went wrong.

FrannyandZooey Tue 06-Jun-06 11:54:05

I left it till age 3 as well. I agree it might make sense to make sure you have transport handy, I never thought of that.

essbee Tue 06-Jun-06 11:56:18

Message withdrawn

FrannyandZooey Tue 06-Jun-06 11:58:13

Just thinking though, is it not the second exposure that causes the allergic reaction? Was Nigella in her doctor's surgery two days running? I think I would have asked her to shove up and make room for ill people, personally.

essbee Tue 06-Jun-06 12:05:26

Message withdrawn

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