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Rhubarb cake recipes?

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Pantah630 Sun 07-Jul-13 16:26:00

Make the Hairy Bikers rhubarb and vanilla freeze from the Curry book. It's lovely and so refreshing, having a glassful now to cool me down. Can PM you recipe if interested.

Kernowgal Sun 07-Jul-13 16:22:14

My tummy is seriously rumbling after all this. No time to make cakes tonight but tomorrow's a different story.

Cheers all!

throckenholt Sun 07-Jul-13 16:20:41

rhubarb and orange go well together - my mum used to make a lovely pastry flan thing with rhubarb and an orangey custard - lovely hot or cold.

imtheonlyone Sun 07-Jul-13 15:32:51

Oh do the rhubarb and custard cake - it's amazing!!!! No better combination grin

Kernowgal Sun 07-Jul-13 15:31:35

I also rilly rilly fancy making rhubarb fool.

And maybe some rhubarb gin or suchlike, if possible.

Kernowgal Sun 07-Jul-13 15:30:50

Ah I was wondering if I could just freeze it straight off - didn't know if it needed blanching at all. That's great news, I can pop the bulk in the freezer and just use a bit now.

Rhubarb and custard cake sounds deeeeeeelish! I saw someone else had mentioned a rhubarb and orange cake but I've not got around to looking it up yet. Also intrigued by rhubarb and cornmeal cake - never made a cornmeal or polenta cake so quite fancy giving that a try.

In fact I suppose I might have enough to do all of them!

mrsminiverscharlady Sun 07-Jul-13 13:34:39

This is very nice.

charitygirl Sun 07-Jul-13 13:34:37

Google nigella's rhubarb and cornmeal cake. I love it - requires plain yog (can use any I think) and cornmeal/polenta, or semolina will do.

throckenholt Sun 07-Jul-13 13:32:18

DS made a rhubarb pie from the BBC recipes today -looks very nice and used about that amount.

MortaIWombat Sun 07-Jul-13 13:31:15

It can, once washed and cut, be frozen for use later.
Or try googling the bbc's rhubarb and custard cake, which is very tasty. it only uses about 4 sticks, mind you!

Kernowgal Sun 07-Jul-13 11:21:20

Anyone got any good rhubarb cake recipes? I have 700g of the stuff (fresh, not stewed) and was thinking a cake might be a good idea.

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