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what do i do with a goose egg?

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MrsFrederickWentworth Sun 30-Jun-13 23:55:36

We have just been given one.

It's huge.

It is frightening me....

Snoot Mon 01-Jul-13 00:42:05

I was given two a few weeks ago. Just be careful cracking it, the shell is thick and chalky, bits will fall off into your bowl so use two. I cracked and picked off the shell, the internal membrane was really thick and held. I cleaned the shell-grit away and then cut through the membrane with a knife and tipped the contents into a clean bowl. I gave it to the children as an omelette and they ate it happily. It wasn't 'different' in the way I thought it might be, like goat's cheese or milk as opposed to cow's. in fact it was much more similar to hen's eggs than duck's eggs are to hen's. hope you like it :-)

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