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Fast recipe for lasagne?

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PetitFilou1 Fri 02-Jun-06 13:49:13

Does anyone have a shortish lasagne recipe? Have discovered my ds will eat it but from memory it takes bloody hours to make.

Iklboo Fri 02-Jun-06 13:52:07

Get some jars of ragu from the shop & it only takes 25 mins!

madmarchhare Fri 02-Jun-06 13:53:04

Fry mince, add onions and brown, add garlic, herbs, toms etc.. Cook for 20 mins while making white sauce (flour butter, milk).

Layer with pasta sheets, cheese on top.

35 mins in oven at 180 ish.

cupcakes Fri 02-Jun-06 13:54:31

boil the lasagne sheets briefly to soften them - it makes them much more palatable.

madmarchhare Fri 02-Jun-06 13:54:54

Do double quantities of meat and sauce and freeze, even quicker next time.

cornflakegirl Fri 02-Jun-06 14:01:43

Mary Berry's fast lasagne is gorgeous! We made it with lamb mince instead of sausagemeat - truly yummy. And it takes about 20 minutes to prepare and 30 mins to cook.

Does contain non-standard lasagne ingredients, like spinach - and there's no cheese sauce - but you could always change them. (Cheese sauce made with creme fraiche with cheddar stirred in works well.) It cooks fast because she uses fresh lasagne - pre-cooking dried lasagne by layering the sheets with greaseproof and then pouring over boiling water and leaving for 10 mins or so works just as well

PetitFilou1 Fri 02-Jun-06 14:39:03

Hmm that Mary Berry one sounds good - might leave the chillies out for ds though - he hates anything spicy (unlike his parents)

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