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Inspriation for low-ish carb dinners.

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D0oinMeCleanin Fri 28-Jun-13 09:34:43

The children refuse to eat 'new' dishes most of the time. DH complains that we eat the same things over and over and never try anything new.

No-one in the family thinks about food at all, what so ever. They just expect to me meal plan, shop and then either cook it for them or tell them what they are cooking that night. I cannot think of any new dishes everyone will like.

Staple dishes atm are:

Salmon fillets, oven baked with minted baby new potatoes, baby corn, baby carrots and asparagus.

Bacon wrapped chicken fillets stuffed with spinach and philly, served with roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips.

Chicken and vegetable stir fry in satay or black bean sauce.

Chicken and mushroom curry with brown rice (I have cauli rice instead)

Brown pasta with tomato sauce, bacon and mushrooms (dd2 and I normally have spinach and feta omelete instead)

Panacalty - made with turnip and sweet potato instead of white potatoes.

Home-made turkey or beef burgers, in seeded buns, with stir fried peppers and roasted sweet potatos.

Traditional Sunday roast.

Apparently people are bored of all of this <sigh>

We don't eat Atkins style low carb, it's supposed to be low GI but I don't like most of the 'brown' carbs so either leave them out all together or swap them for something I do like.

People's fussiness also hinders me. DH won't eat anything with a creamy or white sauce, onions, garlic, any fish expect salmon, anything sweet and sour style, any meat on the bone, tomato based stews or salad dishes as a main meal. Dd1 won't eat beef unless it is minced or shaped like a burger. Dd2 doesn't like mushrooms, beef, lamb, pork or chicken on the bone. She can't eat things that used to have eyes, apparently. Salmon, chicken fillets and minced turkey or beef is acceptable (because she hasn't realised they also had eyes once) hmm

I don't like brown rice, white potatoes (except new potatoes) brown pasta or noodles.

Any suggestions because I am stumped. They'll all be living on takeouts if they don't give me some suggestions soon.

RoadsTwo Fri 28-Jun-13 13:38:41

Celeriac is your friend. Suddenly you can have bangers and 'mash' again. Just boil it and mash as you would potatoes.

Roast veg is always a winner in our house - peppers, aubergine, courgette, tomatoes, (red onions), (mushrooms) and whatever else you grab. Throw some olive oil and rosemary over (and garlic if DH isn't looking) and bung it in the oven on about 200.

Low carb lasagne - use leeks/aubergines/courgettes instead of pasta and leave out the white sauce (making it kind of like a moussaka)

Soups? Quick and easy ones that I do are Broccoli and stilton, or red pepper, tomato and smoked paprika.

Stuffed peppers - you can stuff with mince and some veg, or couscous (though not quite so low carb, it's low GI).

'Courgetti' - Use a mandolin to get spaghetti-like strips of courgette. Throw into a frying pan - don't need much (or any) oil - and have it with pesto.

Those should get you started! I'm type 1 diabetic and tend to low carb it, so have looooads of ideas.

Moominsarehippos Fri 28-Jun-13 13:47:55

spaghetti squash?

your food sounds lovely btw!

MarshaBrady Fri 28-Jun-13 13:49:36

Hopping on for more ideas, have been eating the same thing too much.

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 28-Jun-13 13:57:18

Celeriac. Of course, how could I have forgotten about celeriac. I used to love that.

Celeriac mash and vege sausages with bisto. Yum.

Courgetti sounds great too, I might do that for my dinner one day when I'm eating alone (I work shifts).

DH doesn't like aubergine or courgettes angry I'm sure there are more vegetables he doesn't like too. He's far too fussy. He also won't eat soup as a main meal. Soup is a snack hmm And then he wonders why he is overweight <sigh>

Stuffed peppers would work for all of us though (I think, I'm not sure f dd2 has now decided she no longer likes peppers, although unless she is not eating something on welfare grounds or it's mushrooms which she genuinely hates we normally just ignore her fussiness)

I am dreading the day that dd2 realises that all meat based products used to have eyes sad

Moominsarehippos Fri 28-Jun-13 14:02:07

I would have types some ideas but was feeding my face with a very messy sandwich!

[wipes sticky hands on jumper]

Kebabs - then you can get them to 'create' their own! Have with brown rice, cous cous or quinoa.

Breadcrumbed fish? Maybe you could slip some cod past the salmon eater!

We do lots of roast veg too and have it with griddled tofu.

Is soya or quorn high carb? you could make a lasagne or mousaka (with the white sauce on the side or just on the top layer.

Is rice pasta carby too? I had some chickpea pasta from Waitrose and it was rather nice!

I like pasta with broccoli and could live on risotto.

Personally, I would throw some nice recipe books at the kids and get them to choose at least one they can all agree on for a 'test'.

I have started writing a meal plan and sticking it on the kitchen wall with a note that says 'NO SUBSTITUTIONS!', otherwise we would be eating the same thing every single night!

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 28-Jun-13 23:10:16

At the moment I'm lovely the hairy bikers bacon an eggs. Do you think ut would go down well.

Can't believe your Dhs fussiness btw. Is a shame Carlos Gonzalez hast written My DH Won't Eat! grin

CointreauVersial Fri 28-Jun-13 23:19:13

The popular meal in this fussy household is Mexican Chicken. Cook up some diced chicken in a tomatoey sauce, adding chilli powder or mexican spice mix to taste. Cook until fairly thick. Serve with flour tortillas (iceberg lettuce leaves for the low-carbers), sour cream, grated cheese, grated carrot, refried beans, guacamole, chopped peppers.....whatever you fancy. Everyone rolls their own, depending what they like.

Another suggestion is to jazz up your salmon fillets, topping with things like pesto, Reggae Reggae sauce, lime juice/zest and breadcrumbs, or hoisin sauce. Not all together, obv.grin

snoworneahva Sat 29-Jun-13 06:55:20

Meatballs - lots and lots of recipes for meatballs - search for "Paleo meatballs", Paleo Meatloaf, bacon wrapped salmon, curries - there are loads to choose from. Pulled pork, mustard chicken. Stuffed tenderloin. Five spice fried chicken. I joint a chicken do a very spicy marinade for the adults and plain fried chicken for the kids, melting some garlic butter over when it's finished cooking. Served with greens and a veg mash for the low carber - add potatoes/rice for everyone else.

Have been really impressed by Fay's Family Food - it's pretty low carb - surprisingly so, the recipes and interesting without being too complicated - I got my copy from the library, it's definitely worth a flick through.

And google Paleo family recipes - you might find good family recipes on Paleo Parents blog or PaleoMom blog - there are so many out there.

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