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Looking for nice, healthy, low fat ideas that don't involve loads of salad!

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Madratlady Wed 26-Jun-13 13:17:24

My DH has decided he wants to lose weight (he is overweight and has put some on recently so I'm pleased). At fist he was keen on doing something like slimfast but I don't agree with 'fast weight loss' methods like that when he'd be better off snacking less, not eating enormous portions at meal times and doing some exercise. So I suggested that I cook healthy, low fat meals and give him smaller portions, and we start being more active together.

We'll be eating the same meals cos it's easier and more affordable, and I can't stand salad so could you help me think of some recipes that I can make that aren't too salady?

It doesn't help that while he's trying to lose weight I need to put on some because I'm pg and the midwife has said I'll need extra monitoring due to being underweight. I'm trying to eat more for lunch/snacks so that I can eat healthy teas with DH.

Jenda Wed 26-Jun-13 13:57:54

I make fajita mix (seasoned chicken, onions and peppers) but put it into gem lettuce leaves instead of them tortillas wraps and put a tiny bit of low fat grated cheese on top. Lovely and a lot less calories.Dp was sceptical but says he prefers them. also I do shepherds pie with lean mince and swede and carrot or sweet potato mash.

Jenda Wed 26-Jun-13 14:02:30

Not a huge fan of salad either but a nice warm salad with warm chicken and bacon and sometimes new potatoes is nice. Red pepper and butter squash soup is quick and easy and very rich and creamy so doesn't feel like you are being too healthy grin

Madratlady Wed 26-Jun-13 14:13:04

Jenda I'm with you on the sweet potato mash, yummy! That reminds me, I saw a recipe somewhere for lasagne with courgette slices instead of pasta. I like the soup idea but that's more of a lunch thing, it's evening meals I'm struggling with ideas for.

sarahandduck Wed 26-Jun-13 14:18:09

You need the Hairy Dieters recipe book. Lots of recipes there - curries, stews, steaks, pies, chicken....we use it all the time and have never felt like we were watching what we ate.

Madratlady Wed 26-Jun-13 15:45:20

Those Hairy Dieters recipes don't look like diet recipes but they are. Brilliant. It's given me a few ideas.

I'm more bothered about low fat, healthy recipes than specific diet recipes, so I'm probably going to end up doing things like grilled meat or fish with a few potatoes or couscous and lots of veg. And we'll be cutting out garlic bread with pizza and pasta and other unneccesary extras.

sarahandduck Wed 26-Jun-13 17:18:09

Glad to have helped smile

ShoeWhore Wed 26-Jun-13 20:34:43

Chicken noodle soup is good. You can add beansprouts, mushrooms, greens to make it healthier.

My friend has lost lots of weight following the Hairy Bikers advice - have had a few people recommend it recently.

spilttheteaagain Wed 26-Jun-13 20:53:29

Pulses are great too.

Make your own falafels and have them in a wrap/pitta with some chargrilled peppers or similar, and some fresh tomato salsa.

Veggie chilli - just loads of beans and lentils with rice/wrap if you like, or just some fresh salsa

Veggie curries work out very low fat - loads of veg & chickpeas in a tomato based sauce. I tend not to have rice, just a massive bowl of curry garnished with a load of coriander and it looks so pretty and colourful.

I know you said not soups, but how about a big chunky stew? Homemade stock really makes these fab. Lots of root veg chopped up into big cubes sauted until going golden, then add the stock and some leftover roast meat and it's gorgeous. I usually wilt in a load of finely shredded savoy cabbage in the last 5 mins. You could do it with pearl barley in there for extra substantial-ness. And skip the bread.

Think spice, as that will give you the flavour you need so that you don't miss the fat if that's what you're trying to avoid.

LakeFlyPie Wed 26-Jun-13 21:02:21

Slimming World is essentially a low fat plan, they have a 7 day menu with recipes on website

I find it offers a really balanced and varied way of eating with guaranteed weight loss if you follow it and keep your head out of the biscuit tin

CakeForBreakfast Sat 29-Jun-13 15:50:48

Hello OP, I like your philosophy. I implemented very similar for myself and dh recently. We are indeed losing weight but I am also being very disciplined with the exercise! Here are some of the things I have been cooking lately which are much lower fact than our usual dinners (portions also smaller)

Pan fried (smidge of oil needed only) of fish on a bed of chargrilled peppers and aubergines with capers and basil. Poached egg on top when the fillets were a bit small.

Pasta puttanesca with no or little cheese on top. Puttanesca sauce made at home, 5mins work with only 1 tablespoon oil.

Grilled marinated chicken (home made jerk) with only a few boiled jersey royals dressed in mustard vinaigrette (very little needed) Tons of veg on side

good luck with the pregnancy!

sharond101 Sat 29-Jun-13 22:03:03

I was in a similar situation when pg as I was underweight too. I was astounded how much extra food I had to take in to gain very little weight and after breastfeeding DS for 10 months found myself in the same sitaution. DH and I have very different tastebuds though so it was easier in that we are used to having different meals.

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