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DH's birthday meal - tomorrow

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crystaltips Wed 04-Feb-04 22:03:38

DH is 40 tomorrow and we have to stay in

So therefore I want to give him something nice to eat ..... BUT I can't be bothered to slave over a hot stove all day

Anyone know what I can cook - that is special - but doesn't take me an age to make !!!


JanHR Wed 04-Feb-04 22:06:15

What sort of food did you have in mind

crystaltips Wed 04-Feb-04 22:06:39

You name it - I'll cook it - he's not that fussy.

Hulababy Wed 04-Feb-04 22:08:20

What about kebabs, rice and pitta - nice easy meal, takes little prep time, little cooking time and is quite light so leaves room for some yummy pudding.

Kebabs could just be veggies (peppers, tomatoes, shallots, corn with chicken or pork of fish). 15-20 minutes cooking time only.

CountessDracula Wed 04-Feb-04 22:24:18

How about buying some big fat duck breasts, pan fry them for a while (after scoring the fat on the top) say 15 mins and then take them out and put in the oven. Pour a big slug of red wine and some orange juice into the pan and reduce, repeat a few times and you will have a lovely sauce with a bit of seasoning.

Serve sliced with new potatoes and french beans

And get a lovely pre made pudding or make something simple like pavlova.


Happy birthday to your dh

crystaltips Thu 05-Feb-04 16:39:17

Just been out and have bought some monkfish. Will wrap it in palma ham and make kebabs .... stuck after that!!

CountessDracula Thu 05-Feb-04 16:39:57

Sounds delicious\!

GenT Thu 05-Feb-04 17:02:01

a yummy strawberry cheescecake for dessert and chocolate

crystaltips Thu 05-Feb-04 22:37:44

Ha! Ha!
He lurrved the monkfish .... got a snog ....
better sign off now !!!
Question is .... is he onto a promise .... or am I

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